Network with like-minded women 1:1


Do you find it difficult to connect with other women at networking events? Do you prefer to network in 1:1 setting but can’t find the right women to network with? With our 1:1 introductions networking becomes easy!


Our 1:1 Networking program (3 months long)

Every month, we’ll match you for a networking coffee date with a like-minded woman from our network. Share with us your background and preferences and leave the rest on us. You’ll get a new introduction via email at the beginning of every month (over the period of 3 months = in total you'll get 3 introductions).

Price: 199 CZK (Includes 3 introductions)

Thanks to the partner of the program, the first 20 participants of 1:1 networking receive a 100 CZK gift card to grab a coffee with your match in Starbucks!

Start building your network at a price of a cup of coffee each month!


How it works



Answer a few questions about yourself and your networking intentions and we will find you a match.


Get Matched

Each month, you’ll get introduced to a like-minded woman that we think you should meet.



Get in touch with your networking date and decide together where and when to meet.


Start networking 1:1

Get 3 matches for 199 CZK

What our 1:1 networkers say


“Matching me with a business date was a fun experience. I got matched with a brand manager Denisa. The matching process must have been very thoughtful because Deni and I had a lot in common work-wise, from marketing experience to leadership to employer branding. The next time, I was lucky enough to meet a talented photographer and entrepreneur Tatiana through Femme Palette, who is now one of my closest friends. I recommend FP to everyone who has been looking for the right female community of millennials and has not yet been able to find one.”

Pavla Lokajova - Writer, Journalist & Employer Brand Builder

“I’ve been enjoying the Femme Palette community for over a year now and one of the many things that I find very exciting are the 1:1 meetings. With these meetings I have been able to connect with great inspiring ladies and some of them have become friends and stay in touch. It is always a pleasure to know people that are looking for similar goals and ideas that can be potentially something in the future.”

Vanessa Ramos - Visual designer with focus on branding, identity and user experience


Terms and Conditions

1) You need to be part of Femme Palette community to enjoy 1:1 Networking program with us. If you are not a member yet, please sign up here.

2) In order to be matched you have to pay the price 199 CZK here or via bank transfer of 199 CZK to 43-4853170237/0100 with your full name in payment description.

3) You'll receive your match at the beginning of the following month after signing up. We’ll send the introduction email from

4) If we cannot provide you with your desired match that month, we will let you know and transfer your match to the upcoming month. Also, if you already know the person we provided you as a match, let us know and we will make up for that next month (or sooner if possible). In other words, you will always get your 3 new matches, but the time period in some cases might be longer than 3 months.

5) At Femme Palette, we believe every new connection brings new ideas, perspectives and opportunities. Therefore we do not offer any refund if you don't like your match. Don't judge your match only based on her LinkedIn profile. We can always learn something new from each other!

6) You’ll be responsible for coordinating to meet your match. If you and your match don't find time to meet or any of you cancel the coffee date, we won’t give you a refund.

7) We will share with your match your contact details (name, email) and some relevant information from the form you’ll fill out (LinkedIn URL, your personal summary, answers to ice-breaking questions).