Women Empower Women At Femme Palette’s 2nd Networking Event

Picture by @danaenroute

Picture by @danaenroute

There was an air of positivity and fun at Kafe Pragovka, where we hosted our second networking event. We welcomed Femme Palette members from all fields, of all ages and from many countries who turned up to make new connections, both personal and professional.

The evening started off with everyone just warming up and getting to know each other. Some of the members had booked 1:1 networking dates through our event partner, the Brella app. The app allows you to take out the awkwardness of the meet-and-greet process by fixing 1:1 dates before the event.

“For an introvert like me, this was a huge blessing. I find it so difficult to walk up to people I don’t know and start conversations. Thanks to the app, I knew exactly whom I would be meeting and I could even be a bit prepared to have a better, meaningful conversation with them,” said Marharyta Golobrodska, one of our members.

Picture by @danaenroute

Picture by @danaenroute

Taking risks and reaching out: The Femme Palette Panel Talk

The highlight of the event was a panel talk our co-founder Klara mediated with three interesting women, who spoke about how networking helped their careers, the importance of taking risks and why women should understand that even after career breaks or changes, they never start from scratch.

Our first speaker was Anfisa Bogomolova, a UX designer and co-founder of the startup Columbery, who spoke about her journey launching many startups, finding the right team and how meeting new people was what pushed her throughout her journey. “One thing I keep coming back to always in life is to know why you’re doing things before you start doing them,” said Anfisa. “We always have a tendency to start doing things and getting deep into them, only to later realize that we didn’t have to come this far. So it always helps to start with why, then how and when and so on.”

The next inspiring woman who spoke to our members was Pavla Lokajova, writer-journalist and co-creator of BusinessAnimals.cz. What we loved about Pavla’s story was how she fearlessly went ahead to make the decision of leaving her growing business to figure out what kind of journalism she wanted to do. “Women always worry about taking breaks or trying something new, but what we need to know is that we’re never starting from scratch. We’re growing everyday with what we learn from those we meet and speak to,” said Pavla.

Finally, we had Denisa Zidekova, brand manager for Aquila, who works for Czech women’s event Spoluzeny. Denisa shared stories of women she met through her work at Spoluzeny and how she managed her time between a demanding day job and her side project, “Start listening to people. The biggest lesson I have learned is to stop talking and to listen. You’ll learn so much more from others by doing this,” said Denisa.

Our members left the event having made so many new connections and feeling inspired and motivated.

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Big thanks to @danaenroute for the pictures!

Monty Majeed