Potluck Picnic & Self-Care in the Nature

Femme Palette.png

Two weeks ago, our members had the chance to escape the rush of the city and attend the Potluck Picnic and Self Care event organized by Linda, our Self Care Group leader. Everything was falling into place during this event - the weather was perfect, as the heatwave finally gave in to the upcoming autumn season but we were still able to enjoy the Indian summer at the same time. The atmosphere was amazing and we were able to get to know each other on the new level.

We found a perfect spot for yoga, mediation and the picnic and then Linda worked her magic and created a space for us to meditate. We felt safe and were able to relax completely, slowly forgetting about our daily-life stress connected to work or our daily routines. It was great to be in the nature and being able to focus on our meditation, not being distracted by the city sounds. Linda also introduced us to practical exercises - something we were able to practice at home as well. Furthermore, we also spoke about journaling and its effects on our minds, our inner peace and how it is perceived as a kind of psychotherapy.

Linda says ”I enjoyed holding space for the women. It was nice to meet in nature and changing the scenery was good for them and their minds. It was great event where we brought together women of different backgrounds and career directions to create new connections without focusing on  their work lives.

Afterwards, the potluck picnic started - a picnic where everyone brings food to share with others. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, the conversation was flowing. Not only did we enjoy the feeling of connectivity but also the food.

Klara, the Femme Palette co-founder also participated in the event and said: “I loved how we all opened up even though it was for the most of us the first time we met. Mindful exercises and food sharing is definitely a great way to connect with people on a deeper level.

We can’t wait for the next event and hope we’ll see you there again! Big thanks to our Group Leader Linda for organizing the event, it was a great experience. If you want to get a better glimpse at the atmosphere, check out the photos posted below. Join our Self-care group to not miss the next event!

Magdalena Maratova