Mentor Spotlight: Hynek Zboril


We’re continuing with the series about our mentors! Our mentors are very exceptional people - they are experts, managers, leaders, and founders, but most importantly they want to give back and help women in our community to thrive in their careers.

This time, we asked one of our mentors - Hynek Zboril, Co-Founder at Digicamp & Digikids & HackerSchool a few questions about his background, and mentoring experience with Femme Palette.

1) What's your experience/background?

My most relevant experience is in digital marketing which I have started in One of the biggest online marketing agencies in the Czech market. From H1, I moved to ZOOT where I grew from marketing specialist to performance marketing lead and build my very first team of 12 people managing everything related to digital and performance. After ZOOT I led a team of digital marketers at Creative Dock where we were responsible for the growth of startup companies. I also co-founded my own companies Digicamp, Digikids, and HackerSchool which are all focused on helping people move forward in their professional life. 


2) Why are you mentoring with Femme Palette?

Femme Palette gives me an opportunity to help other people which is by far the most enjoyable moments of my career. To help grow in a professional way is one of the biggest responsibilities of every manager and I personally want to get better at this particular skill. The program also helps me to improve my English. 


3) What was your favorite mentoring moment with your mentee?

When I realized I have so much to learn from my mentees and hopefully they can learn something from me as well. Helping someone make their dreams come true is time well spent. Better career and business success help my mentees to have a better life overall and that’s what this all is about in my opinion.



Big thanks to Hynek for being a mentor at Femme Palette and helping her mentees in her career! Learn more about how our mentoring program works here or sign up to be a mentor too!

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