We asked the FP team: What routines do you follow to stay physically and mentally healthy?


Are you curious about what other women do to stay physically and mentally healthy? We asked five of our team members to share their routines with us. Get inspired by their honest and open answers.  

Klára (Co-founder)

Over time I learned to respect both my body and mind a little more - on some days I know I can ask a lot from both of them and sometimes I feel I should be rather gentle to them, so I let them rest. Besides this “go-with-the-flow” attitude, I do exercise regularly (mostly yoga and jogging) and I also created a few habits in my morning dental routine - toungue-scraping and oil-pulling - to get the most taste and energy from the food I eat throughout the day.

Lucie (Co-founder)

In my 80-hour work week (combination of my full time job and work on Femme Palette) the one thing that keeps me sane is my dog. No matter what, I have to walk him every single day and I have to make sure he gets his daily exercise. The time spent with him outside is the time when I can turn off and relax mentally. I maintain a very healthy diet - I have been a vegetarian for over a year and I have been feeling great. I stay active in my everyday life; sometimes I bike around SF to run errands or to work. Having a yoga membership helps me stay active even though I haven’t figured out how to fit it in my schedule perfectly yet. As a first time entrepreneur, I still struggle with maintaining a healthy balance between work and self care, but I am trying to get better everyday (and I am open to any tips)!

Valeria (Events coordinator)

I am not a morning person, and to start the day right is a crucial task for me. There are two routines I follow to expel the inside sleeping zombie. To wake up physically, I exercise 16 minutes each morning. I do it on almost autopilot, and if you wonder why exactly 16 minutes, I exercise following short and funny videos from 90s by Jaime Brenkus. You can choose from 8 minutes episodes for abs, buns, arms, legs and etc. Pick two of these cool vintage workouts each morning, that are easy and really work. If you are not into exercising, you can dance while having a morning shower. You can use this list, or create your own channel with the dancing vibes. To wake up mentally, I drink a cup of coffee in a complete silence and try to image all the things I want to accomplish throughout the day. Other things I recommend include drinking warm water with a bit of lemon juice, taking a walk after work and having an hour break from all the devices every single day.

 Lucia (Social media)

For my physical health I drink every morning a glass of warm water with lemon which is a habit I got into in Asia where they believe that the body and the mind should be woken up by a warm not cold water as we are used to here in Europe. I usually substitute coffee for tea, either green or Matcha but obviously there are exceptions- especially now when I started a new job. I exercise three times a week, either I jog, go to the gym or do it at home- I recommend Blogilates. Once a week, usually on the weekends, I do yoga either in a studio or at home following a YouTube video. It is important for me to be in bed at 11:30 PM and wake up at 7AM but I enjoy sleeping therefore I take my mornings very easy. I have a problem of not drinking enough water therefore I’m trying to make sure I drink at least 3L a day.

For my mental health I meditate at least five times a week, usually for 10 to 15 minutes. The perfect amount would be every day but we do not live in the perfect world. I use two apps - either Calm or Headspace. During my meditations I try to practice gratitude. Weekends are time for both some me-time and seeing my friends and getting in touch with my family- since they live abroad we try to at least talk on the phone. Relationships are extremely important for me, as well as my me-time.

Once a month I try to stay offline for a whole day- even though that is not that easy while doing social media for Femme Palette, but I try.

Jana (Content writer)

A good night sleep and abundance of exercise are the two things that I can't do without. I wake up at 6 AM and start my day with a glass of warm water- sometimes with lemon if I remember to buy it. Right after that I do yoga, usually for 20-40 minutes, depending on how much time I've got. If I'm in a rush, I'll do a 10 minute class. I usually follow a video and I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene which you can find on YouTube or AloMoves which Is a website where you pay for a membership. It is not too expensive and I find the classes more challenging than the regular yoga classes I go to in Prague. I used to meditate and it had an amazing effect on my mind, spirit and body so I'm definitely planning on incorporating it back into my daily routine.

I try to write so called „Morning Pages“ which is basically the practice of sitting down every morning (right after I do yoga) and writing down everything that comes to my mind- it must be three pages long and I must not think much about what I'm writing and let it just be a stream of consciousness. I learnt this in the book „The Artist's Way“ by Julia Cameron and it really does magic for unblocking the artist in you (yes, we all have an a quiet hidden artist inside of us!).

Each of my day is different but I try to stick to this morning routine. Then in the afternoon after work or after writing the whole day it's time to get some endorphins. I try to do pole dancing and bouldering twice a week, strength training two times a week and some cardio in-between. I get very cranky if I’m too busy and don't exercise for few days. I go to bed before 10 PM, that‘s when I get the most rested.

Other routines include: Spending as much time as I can in the nature, at least once a week going for a hike or camping. Reading books instead of browsing social media. And just listening to your own body. I used to sleep in, never exercise and just flowing through my life not really paying attention to anything. Slowly step by step I was able to completely change my routine and it took me over a year to get to the point where I am now. So just be kind and patient with yourself.

Is there a routine you follow and you’d like to inspire others by sharing it with us? Please leave a comment down below and we can all learn from each other!


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