5 Self-care Tips to Embrace Work/Life Balance

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Do you want to know how to manage a work/life balance? Enriching your life with self-care sometimes seems unattainable as we all have many tasks and want to be as productive as possible. But remember this: daily self-care will support your mental health and keep your life more balanced and even more productive.

Here are some tips on how to embrace yourself with positive self-care and kindness:

1. Dedicate some time to be alone on a regular basis.

The numbing sound of silence can leave you paralyzed, and you might struggle to understand your own thoughts and feelings. But surprisingly, being alone can open many doors. It is essential to be happy alone so that you can understand and love yourself and spread good energy to everything else you do: your work, business, and relationships. Moreover, here are the 11 ways to spend time alone and enjoy it.

2. Detailed meal planning and scheduling.

We all aware of the importance of balanced eating but how many of us invest time into proper meal planning and scheduling? There are three key steps -- selecting recipes, shopping for ingredients, and prepping. You can choose whatever appeals to you. Pinterest can inspire you with the best visual & printable ideas for printable meal organizers.

3. Enjoyable exercise habits.

If you want to be in shape but feel that going to the gym is torture, just exercise at home! Ten minutes of physical activity at home with your pets and favorite music will make an enormous positive change. What matters most in the beginning is to establish a new habit and build a new routine that you will stick to; not the results that you get. Focusing on the results will lead to stress. Just enjoy!

4. Make new friends and have fun.

If you go to a business meeting or networking event, don’t forget to have fun and make new friends. There are so many opportunities at local community events to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Take, for example, the wonderful events at Femme Palette that support you in making connections.

5. Take a real weekend off.

Take a real weekend off. You might be thinking that you always have weekends free. But when was the last time you completely ignored your email inbox for an entire weekend? There are many ways to take a real weekend off. Explore nature or do yoga outdoors.

There are so many ways to take care of yourself. Find your favorites and make these parts of your daily/weekly routine. It will create a positive effect on your mental health and those close to you.

Would you be brave enough to change your life with us? Share your ideas to make each other’s lives even more beautiful!