Why mentoring matters: Spotlight on the mentors


What it feels like to be a mentor at Femme Palette? What can the benefits of being a mentor? In our last blog post we gathered testimonies from five of the mentees of Femme Palette Mentoring Program. Now it is time to hear what it is like on the other side of the mentoring relationship. Two of our mentors, Nikola and Tereza, share their exciting stories and experience below.


Client Partner at ROI Hunter

1) What's your experience/background and what do you do now?

My background is in HR & Recruitment, Mobility and now in Digital Marketing, too. I have been working for big clients (Amazon.com) and partners (Facebook & Google) as the Client Success Manager. In my current role as the Client Partner, I am helping e-coms set and optimize their performance marketing strategy when it comes to advertising on Facebook. From working for the US corporations, I jumped into a Czech startup ROI Hunter. I wanted to learn how is business done after receiving series-A investment. It's been a ride so far!


2) Why are you mentoring with Femme Palette?

As a mentor, I want to work on my leadership skills. I want to be a good mentor not only for my mentee but also for my colleagues at work. Plus, I feel it is the right time for me to give back to the community. 

With my mentee, we work together on improving her presentation and networking skills as well as time management. We combine these soft skills (yes, she already has them all) with our hard skills by sharing the presentations we prepared and our feedback on them. We attend networking events together. I am inviting my mentee for the events I organize at work, so she can expand her network and meet new people from the Digital Marketing industry. So, as you can see, it's a hard job for both sides! :) I hope she will become more confident in her current role as the Digital Media Specialist. 

3) What is your favorite mentoring moment?

 To see my mentee making notes while sharing with her my experiences! For me, mentoring is a great source of self-reflection on myself, too. Sometimes, I am positively surprised that there's so much to share as the mentor with her. I guess, a sign it was perfect timing for me to join the Mentoring Program by Femme Palette. 


People Ops Lead at productboard

1) What's your experience/background and what do you do now?

I have cross-field and colorful experience, I went from NGOs to the local old-fashioned HR company, moved to the world of big corporations with big names and ended up as a full-stack recruiter, leading my amazing team as the head of people ops in one of the greatest Tech startup with HQ in Silicon Valley. In my field I feel like a sponge, absorbing all the information I have collected in my overall experience from the HR field for 5 years now.

As I started my professional career in a non-profit organization, I always try to mix my regular work with corporate social responsibility initiatives that go beyond my job description. I am grateful and I feel that I need to give back to the community and support others whenever it’s possible. And moreover, karma is always watching.


2) Why are you mentoring with Femme Palette?

I feel I have already absorbed some insightful knowledge that I can share with the community and this platform is a great way to do it! I know we both, I and my mentee can learn from each other and I am incredibly thankful that this platform is letting us to do it!

I love that Femme Palette is doing so much for both - mentors and mentees in the meantime (coaching, training, meet-ups to build the community, calls to share the experience with other mentors) and supporting us to stay tuned all the time!

I also have my own inspiring mentors all over the world and I feel it's helped me tremendously to grow and it’s still helping, so I feel responsible to help others in my field too! 


3) What is your favorite mentoring moment?

 I loved the moment when it clicked between me and my mentee — that’s when you can be helpful.. I like when I see the outcome, mentee's appreciation and maybe some life-changing moment of my mentee. It feels truly rewarding. I also enjoy challenging moments, for example when I am not sure how to cope with certain things, these moments give me a lesson. Before the meeting itself I always ask what my mentee expects from the session so that I can be prepared and useful to the mentee. Sometimes I learn the best practices thanks to this preparation time.

Being a mentor isn’t a role that can be taken lightly and both Nikola and Tereza are aware of that and approach this challenge the best way they can. And while the mentor assists the mentee in achieving their career objectives he or she also learns and grows in new unexpected ways.

If you’d like to become a mentor with us, you can find the information about the program here or you can always email us at mentoring@femmepalette.com.

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