Mentor Spotlight: Roderick Lambert


We’re continuing with the series about our mentors! Our mentors are very exceptional people - they are experts, managers, leaders, and founders, but most importantly they want to give back and help women in our community to thrive in their careers.

This time, we asked one of our mentors Roderick Lambert, who is a certified executive life coach and mentor a few questions about his background, and mentoring experience with Femme Palette.

What's your experience/background 

I’ve worked in people management and HR management all my career and have always been fascinated by the questions raised by people in an organisation. I’ve worked in a fast-expanding family company as well as in a global banking group and invariably the answers to those questions relate back to the interaction between the individual and the organisation culture. 

That fascination with human behaviour and different mindsets led me to my current profession as a certified life and executive coach and mentor: helping individuals to orient themselves in their environment, whether it be at work or in their broader lives in general, and to help them make meaningful, positive changes in their lives. 

Why are you mentoring with Femme Palette?

I’m mentoring with Femme Palette for numerous reasons. 

I’ve been impressed by the dynamism of the organisation, tailored to the modern business environment. 

Through my wife’s career I’ve been a party to the difficulties that women encounter in the work and business field and have observed throughout my corporate career organisational mindsets that unintentionally (hopefully) work more to the strengths of men than women, as well as prevailing attitudes that resist change. And, as a result, I’ve always felt that there could be more to be done to help women work to their natural potential within the business world. Thanks to Femme Palette I have a chance now to make a small contribution to that change. 

And mentoring is not just a learning experience for the mentee, but for the mentor too: thanks to mentoring I’ve been able to see the world of work and business from a different perspective and that is always enriching. 

What was your favorite mentoring moment with your mentee?

There have already been a few, but perhaps the biggest one came when my mentee, who, in her programme application had very specifically outlined the technical know-how that she wished to gain via the programme came to the realisation that, in fact, her need was much deeper than simply exploring HR strategies. In fact, she’s decided that via mentoring she could take stock of who she really is, work out her strengths and how to use them to take control of her career. That moment of realisation resounded loudly in our session and it’s great to see the energy and effort she is putting in on this journey of discovery. 

We’re only one third of the way through the programme at the time of writing so I expect lots more great moments still to come!



Big thanks to Roderick for being a mentor at Femme Palette and helping his mentee in her career! Learn more about how our mentoring program works here or sign up to be a mentor too!

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