Mentor Spotlight: Anja Tulpa-Posch


We’re continuing with the series about our mentors! Our mentors are very exceptional people - they are experts, managers, leaders, and founders, but most importantly they want to give back and help women in our community to thrive in their careers.

This time, we asked one of our mentors Anja Tupla-Posch, who is a team and business coach a few questions about her background, and mentoring experience with Femme Palette.

1) What's your experience/background 

After my studies, I worked in international group companies such as Unilever and Beiersdorf in the Product and Brand Marketing department  At this time, I was still living in Vienna, Austria. Later, I changed to B2B Marketing, working for a Swiss perfume supplier, being responsible for Central and Eastern Europe as a Marketing Manager and Business Development Consultant.

In 2011, I moved to Barcelona with my husband. The crisis had hit Spain very badly and many companies could not justify hiring foreigners in these times with such a high unemployment rate. So the consequence for me was that it was impossible to find a Marketing job. 

This was my personal turning point - I had to change my career, if I wanted or not. So I got certified as CELTA Trainer and started teaching English and German in Spanish companies. That was a compromise, defintitely not my professional vision. It took some more years to find out about my passion for Coaching. 

And here I am today: Building my own business as a Team and Business Coach, living in Prague with my Czech husband, my daughter (born in Barcelona) and my son (born in Germany where we lived the past 4 years). 

Supporting people in finding joy and success in their profession and realizing their visions and goals can hardly be topped. For me, working as a Coach is my own dream come true. 

2) Why are you mentoring with Femme Palette?

I’ve always had people around me who inspired me, who motivated me. I am very thankful to have them around and to be able to learn from them. They broaden my mind, my horizon. So, I wanted to give some of that back and mentor other women. 

I have been through many experiences in my own life - be it working internationally, moving countries, working in group companies, but as well mid-sized companies. I have had career changes and I know what it means to work as an entrepreneur and have a family as well. So, I’ve been in many different situations and additionally I am a Coach: all this helps me to guide others and help to reflect on their goals. 

If my time schedule allows it, I would like to keep mentoring 1-2 people/year as I really enjoy these mentoring sessions. Sometimes, and only if it is requested, I use coaching elements in my mentoring and my mentees like it :-)

3) What was your favorite mentoring moment with your mentee?

My favorite moment was when my mentee and I met for our 6th meeting and she told me what progress she had made since meeting the last time. She almost had reached her goals that were planned for the whole 6-month-program and seeing the joy in her face and how proud she was, was an incredible moment. 


Big thanks to Anja for being a mentor at Femme Palette and helping her mentees in her career! Learn more about how our mentoring program works here or sign up to be a mentor too!

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