Femme #5: Denisa


What do you do now and what is the path you took to get here?
I decided to focus on marketing thanks to my teacher Marketa Procházková. I studied at the Economics University in Prague and we worked for different companies on case studies for her subject. I really enjoyed every part of the marketing process and started working in GlaxoSmithKline as a marketing trainee. This was the first step in my marketing path. Later on, I worked for brands like Coty and Mattoni. Currently, I am enjoying working with brands like Orbit and Skittles at MARS for Central Europe.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned along your way?
Always try to find a balance between work and personal life. Family comes first, no matter what. Connect with positive, open-minded people and invest your time to build strong relationships.

What does your typical workday look like? Have you developed any routines or habits to stay productive?
I try to do yoga every day before work, even if only for 15 minutes. It helps boost my energy and set a positive mindset. Then, of course, at work, there are a lot of meetings and calls with local markets, preparing marketing campaigns and building relationships with my associates. After work, I try to meet my friends. The best way to relax for me is to go to the Spartan gym, meet my boyfriend for a coffee or go for a nice walk and take rest.

Do you have any side-hustles? How do you divide your time among your different roles?
My main side hustle was a project called Spoluženy. It went on for more than one year, but I decided to accept a new challenge and now, I am working for Femme Palette. When I am at work, I focus only at my work. During the weekend and late evenings, I devote time on my side projects and also find time for myself.

How do you know it is time to move on from a particular job or project?
You will feel it because you won’t be passionate about it anymore. It will become a routine without challenges.

Who has inspired you and helped you in your journey till now?
First, my mom. She was very helpful and supportive during my studies and my career. Currently, I live with my boyfriend. We are planning our lives together and inspire each other. This January, I signed up for a mentoring program and my mentor Andrea Gontkovičová helps me navigate my career path by sharing her experiences with me.

What brought you to Femme Palette? What has been your experience till now and expectations from the community?
I wanted to meet women from different fields and backgrounds, learn from them and at the same time share my experiences. I joined the core team because I enjoy organizing events with a focus on marketing. I went to almost every Femme Palette event since the beginning and I have to say that all the women I meet there are so passionate about this idea. This keep me motivated and makes me want to invest my time and effort to move it forward.

Quick questions

Go-to productivity tools/apps: Calm – meditation

Favorite blogs/podcasts you’d recommend: Coaching for leaders  

Woman you look up to and why: Definitely my mom, she is self-driven, supportive, kind and she was able to build one of the best primary schools in Slovakia. She is also always searching for a new opportunity to do her job better.

Reach out to me on: Linkedin

Monty Majeed