Mentor Spotlight: Majo Moravcik


We’re continuing with the series about our mentors! Our mentors are very exceptional people - they are experts, managers, leaders, and founders, but most importantly they want to give back and help women in our community to thrive in their careers.

This time, we asked one of our mentors - Majo Moravcik, a Product designer with passion for creating digital experiences that delight users and help startups grow, a few questions about his background, and mentoring experience with Femme Palette.

What's your experience/background?

I went through lots of steps in my career as a designer. From freelance, to digital agency, large company and startups from silicon valley. I helped companies like GoodData, HackerRank, Circle and lately productboard. I have been with productboard for 4,5 years and saw the huge growth and managed to help shape the organisation as an employee number one. Building the brand, creating a product people love and growing the team were just few of the responsibilities.


Why are you mentoring with Femme Palette?

I feel blessed for the opportunities I had throughout my career, the people I was able to work with and get to know. Now I want to share the experience and help people grow. When Tereza Machackova (People OPS from productboard) mentioned that you are opening a mentoring program, I felt like its the right place for me.


What was your favorite mentoring moment with your mentee?

There are actually two moments I really liked:

- My mentee went through a career change. I felt really happy for her, when the mentoring helped her realize her true value and negotiate a better salary at the new job and actually find a place, where she is going to be appreciated and learn new things. A little encouragement can go a long way.

- Every mentoring session, we tried a different breakfast spot around Prague. For the last session, we decided to make breakfast on our own. It's great to see that mentoring can be fun and you can actually create a friendship that will last longer than the 6 months of the program. And by the way, the Eggs Benedict were awesome.



Big thanks to Majo for being a mentor at Femme Palette and helping his mentee in her career! Learn more about how our mentoring program works here or sign up to be a mentor too!

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