Women in Tech Networking event


A few weeks ago we organized a Women in Tech networking event. Thanks to our co-organizator STRV, we were able to use their amazing space in Karlin. We kicked of the event with a welcome drink, followed by a presentation about “IT is the future” by Barbora Buhnova from Czechitas (a nonprofit organization that teaches women to code in various programming languages, test the software, or analyse complex data) who was sharing the current trends in the IT industry and the tech skills you should have in 2018.

IT is the future by Barbora Buhnova of Czechitas

IT is the future by Barbora Buhnova of Czechitas


Next, we followed with the Panel Talk with two inspiring speakers, Barbora Suchanova, a front-end developer at Good Vision, Daria Hvizdalova, a project manager at GoodAI. Daria was sharing her story about how she became a Project Manager at GoodAI. Her advice is “Fake it until you make it” - despite not having much of programming knowledge, she still reached out to GoodAI, a company she really wanted to work for. Since she was really passionate about AI and the company, she was offered a role of a Project Coordinator which eventually led to her current role as a Project Manager. In her current job, she loves the diversity of the projects and the freedom to choose what to work on. Daria has been a TedEx youth speaker already twice before being 25 years old.


The second speaker Barbora shared her story of starting wITches, workshops for children to learn how to code taught by students from the faculty of Electrical Engineering at CVUT. She says that the majority of children that attend these workshops are boys but there are also some girls who sees the teachers as their role models. “Girls perceive us as teachers. And I really think this can change something in their head, because they see female teachers showing them how to be interested in e.g. robotics and this way we hope to encourage them in their future to learning. This is why we do it.” Barbora also shared her story of doing the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition.


In the next part of the event, Alina Safina, a product designer at STRV shared her story of becoming a designer. Alina believes, that the best way of getting into the design field is through self-education. She encourages everyone who wants to be a designer to read design resources online, read books, take online courses and work on your portfolio. Alina is a perfect example of someone, who was passionate about something and through self-study become a really good at it. So if being a designer is something you really want, it’s all in your hands - the resources are out there!


Overall, the event showed that many women are interested in IT and hopefully, our amazing speakers gave them encouragement to follow their interest and passion. If you want to come to our next event, become part of our community to not miss it!

Magdalena Maratova