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Scrum workshop: Learn agile in a fun way

  • CEMEX Design Lab 16 Plzeňská Praha, Hlavní město Praha, 150 00 Czech Republic (map)

Learn Agile in a Fun Way and Grow Your Career in IT!

What can help you build a car, plan your travel, code software, write a book, or even decorate your apartment?

If you work in tech (or spend any amount of time with engineers), you’ve probably heard about terms like “Scrum” or “Agile.” But what these terms actually mean and how to implement them in your day-to-day work? Scrum, an iterative and incremental Agile software development framework, is currently the most popular of the Agile practices—to the point where it is now considered conventional within the IT industry. This makes knowledge of Agile and Scrum crucial for anyone interested in building strong career in the IT.

Join us for a workshop on 21st of March, Thursday, in Design Lab CEMEX office on Smichov where we will demystify what Scrum is and how can it help you to be a better performer in each and every part of your life (yes, you’ve read this right - EACH!).

To experience Scrum, it is of high importance to deliver some sort of a product, work together as a team, and do several iterations. We will do a Scrum exercise on a real life example (fun time with LEGOs!) to give you an actual experience and help you understand how Scrum framework works. After the workshop, we guarantee, you will try to implement this process in and see how it works in your business, in your working place, in your design process or even when you are trying to lose some weight. And that is the point - it is easy to understand and applicable almost anywhere!

All of that will be provided to you by super experienced eye of Lusine Yeremyan, certified Scrum Master.

Don’t miss out to attend this workshop as this is a one time opportunity to get this type of relevant and valuable workshop! You will have an opportunity to ask Lusine any question related to Scrum, Agile and even more. Bring out your open mind and prepare yourself to awake your inner child because it is going to be a life changing experience!


  • 7:00 - 7:30 PM Meet & Greet

  • 7:30 - 9:30 PM Guided Workshop with LEGOs

  • 9:30 - 10:00 PM QA & Networking Time


Plzeňská 3217/16, 150 00 Praha 5-Anděl, 4th floor