Schedule calls with experts

As a founder you have to know a bit of everything. But what if you don’t? That’s why we connect you with people who are experts in the areas that you might lack. Use these three 60-min phone consultations with experts from various fields to get feedback or advice on your current approach.

Please follow this process to get the most out of your phone consultations:

  1. Choose your expert in our directory below

  2. Find a suitable 60-min time slot from their calendar via the link below their profiles

  3. Invite as a meeting participant so that we know your session is happening (we won’t show up on your 1-on-1 call with the expert - we promise :))

  4. Think of the things you want to discuss with the experts and share it with them at least one day before your consultation (Send them your website, or documents that you want to discuss before the call)

  5. Drive the discussion by presenting your current challenges and introduce the problem you are trying to solve

  6. Share with us how did the call go via the feedback form in your personal working doc

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Sarka Pelikanova, Accounting

What she can offer:

Sarka can help with accounting, taxes and everything you need to know when you start a business in the Czech Republic.

Petr Holik, IT

What he can offer:

IT development (websites, data processing/analysis, machine learning, prototyping tools, automatization - emails, campaigns, website audience tracking, etc.)

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Eva Rehakova, Marketing

What she can offer:

Marketing planning, Content Marketing, Copywriting. Focused on helping brands in the travel or healthy lifestyle areas

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Lucie Karalova, Legal

What can she offer:

Lucie can help with preparing various contracts, starting the business, collecting debts or even with criminal and family law issues

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Aida Pestelic, Business Strategy

What she can help with:

Setup the strategy of your company, establish achievable business goals and give any advice regarding digital product development.

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Pamela Dodera, Design

What can she offer:

Digital Product Designer with 5+ years of experience, paired with Front-End coding knowledge. Focused on UX and UI of web and apps.


Lucie Neumanova, Marketing/Design

What she can help with:

Social Media strategy, Branding, Email marketing, Building websites on your own, design feedback and suggestions, Automation tools, Community building, Events

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Pavel Kroupa, Design

What he can offer:

UX Design, Wireframes, Prototyping

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Jiri Lambor, Sales/Business development

What he can help with:

LinkedIn, Digital sales for B2B, Sales process for B2B How to use digital sales, B2B sales, Business development for B2B

Simon Koci, Sales

What can he help with:

B2B sales, designing sales process, B2B marketing, Lead generation