Take your side-hustle to the next level and build your own empire


Get connected to the right people who can help you grow your business. Get a tailored guidance based on your project needs.


Do it yourself, but get help along the way

Over the past few months, we’ve interviewed founders, freelancers, and small business owners to understand their challenges they have faced when starting a business. One thing they all had in common was that they wish they had someone they could have asked for advice, feedback, or just to chat with about their wins and struggles. That’s why we designed this program, to give you the help you need to grow your passion project into a business.


Get guidance from a successful entrepreneur

Our mentors are start-up founders, business owners, and all kinds of entrepreneurs. You will get 7 hours of guidance on how to build and grow your business from your personal mentor that understands your industry.


Ask experts for feedback

You’ll get 3 sessions (each 1h long) with experts in marketing, design, sales, finances, legal and IT. Choose the experts from our list and schedule a call with them based on their availability and on your needs for a topic to discuss.


Connect with other hustlers

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Build your network of founders by meeting up to 11 more hustlers like you in a small setting. Work together, give and get feedback, and have fun together while building your business.


Our 3-month-long program consists of



A kick-off event for the program, in an intimate setting. During the event you will be paired with an accountability buddy to make sure you both stay on track during the program.




7 hours of mentorship with a founder who successfully transformed their side-hustle into a full-time growing business and knows what it takes to succeed.



Feedback sessions with experts

3 sessions with experts (3 hours) in marketing, business development, design, sales, finances, legal, and IT. Schedule consultations only with the experts you need for your project.



Office hour with a founder

1 group video Q&A session with a founder (ask any questions you have about the business they have built and get inspired).



Online community

Access to a private online group (connect with other participants of the program online, share resources and quick tips with each other)



Co-working sessions

Co-working sessions with other hustlers in designated spaces every other week




Final workshop: Part 1) How to start a business in the Czech Republic - Learn how to incorporate your business, when and how to file taxes etc. Part 2) Time to present your project to the group. Practice your pitch and presentation skills!




4 Femme Palette events for free (Choose any of the events we’ll organize within the next 6 months)


Are you wondering if this program is right for you?

This program is for everyone who is already working on a side-hustle and want to take it to the next level. You are a good fit if...

  1. You are passionate about your idea

  2. You had a few customers already or you have a confirmed market fit through a research

  3. You are driven and want to be a successful founder

  4. You are working on your project mostly everyday and can devote up to 4 hours to the program a week

If you are still wondering if this program is the right for you, schedule a call with our co-founder Klara, who will answer any questions you have!


Meet some of the mentors


Here are a few entrepreneurs who will be guiding you in growing your business. Before we match you with your mentor, we will make sure that they are a good fit for your project and can provide relevant experience.

Kim Najman   Co-founder and CMO at Travel a la carte

Kim Najman

Co-founder and CMO at Travel a la carte

Enrico Scopa   Co-founder at ENRIAN partners

Enrico Scopa

Co-founder at ENRIAN partners

Sarka Pelikanova   CEO at CEG

Sarka Pelikanova


Hynek Zboril   Co-founder at Digicamp

Hynek Zboril

Co-founder at Digicamp


Start dates and Pricing

Our first cohort of Femmehustlers starts in September, 2019. For each cohort, we carefully select to 12 Femmehustlers based on their application, the project they are working on and most importantly their drive. We want to create an environment of supportive women who are helping each other to succeed.  The program takes 3 months and we ask the participants to devote to it at least 4 hours a week to see outcomes at the end of the program.

Application deadline: September 1st

Program start date: September 10th

Price of the pilot program: 9,500 CZK (11,900 CZK from the next cohort)

Read our refund policy or email us at hustle@femmepalette.com if you have any questions!