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Would you like to be part of a project that supports women empowerment and growth? We are looking for Group Leaders who would help us grow our member base and manage a part of the existing community. Leaders are volunteers with passion for building a community, connecting people and helping women grow and succeed.

We have 3 main expectations of leaders:

  • Drive the conversation in your group in platform (welcome new members, create discussion posts, share inspirational articles)

  • Organize a networking meetup once a month (Select a date, time, place and promote the meetup in the platform. We would take care of the promo on social media)

  • Attend a monthly planning and brainstorming call with other leaders and the founders

Currently, we’re looking for Leaders for following groups:

  1. Design Group

  2. Marketing Group

  3. Consulting Group

  4. Entrepreneurs Group

Preferably, we are looking for leaders with the experience working in one of the fields. Leaders can expect a 10 hour time commitment monthly depending on the size of the group.

Apply by filling out the form or send us an email at We'll get back to you shortly!

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