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Mentoring for moms

Are you a mom? Is your maternity leave coming to an end and you’re getting ready for going back to the office? Get a mentor who can help you with a smooth transition, getting up to speed with the industry and setting up the right work-life balance.

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“I have found Femme Palette mentoring during my maternity leave and I was immediately excited about it. The possibility to regularly meet with another professional from my area, who is willing to share her knowledge, processes, leadership style, thoughts seemed to me as the best way to get my desired position in the nearest future. It gave me new inspiration and confidence to get back on the track.” - Lucie Pribylová, HR Specialista at IRESOFT s.r.o.

How our Mentoring program for moms works

At Femme Palette, we believe that the best way for someone to learn is through exposure to experience and guidance from people who, like our mentors, were once in the same situation.

  • 12 hours of 1:1 mentorship
    You'll be matched with your personal mentor for a 6 months long mentoring relationship. Your mentor will be helping you achieve your goals that you set at the beginning of the program.
  • Mentee training and support
    We’ll help you set up your SMART goals and give you guidance on how to work with your mentor to get the most out of your mentoring sessions. We'll support you along the way.
  • Certificate of completion
    At the end of the program, you'll receive a certificate of completion.
  • Networking opportunities
    You'll receive access to the mentee and mentor community on Slack, and will have a chance to meet other mentees during our events.
Mentoring categories

We offer mentorship in the following categories

  • Marketing
  • HR/Recruiting
  • Design
  • IT/Tech
  • Business Development, Sales
  • Finance
  • Leadership/Management
  • General Career Guidance
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What will your mentor help you with?

Get guidance on how to successfully return from parental leave back to work. Your mentor will help you integrate back to the workplace and will help you “see around corners” in your career so you know what to do to progress. Your mentor will be your guide and sounding board for ideas, helping you reflect on your goals and decide on the best course of action.

Your mentor will help you identify the expertise you need to get up to the speed within your sector and industry while you were on maternity leave. This can include new hard skills, trendy tools. You will also get advice on additional resources you can leverage, including books, articles, and events.

Your mentor will share advice on how to balance your life and work by sharing her own experience, and tips and tricks of how she did it. Your mentor will help you increase the self-confidence you need to win the game in the workplace.

Your mentor can offer an opportunity to expand your existing network of professional contacts by introducing you to relevant connections. On average, our mentees receive 3.5 connections from their mentors.

Mentee testimonials

What our mentees say

We matched over 400 people with their mentors. Read about their experience.
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Monika Visnova
UI/UX Designer
My goal was to switch career from architecture to UX design and get a full-time job within six months. My mentor helped me navigate in the UX world while I was applying for jobs and going to interviews. I’m happy to say I managed to reach this goal and now I enjoy my new role in Slevomat.
Helena Davis
CEE Manager
Soulmates Ventures
Over the past 6 months I feel I have grown in many aspects of both my personal life and my approach to the career path ahead of me. I was able to increase my confidence and become a more effective negotiator.
Kristyna Cervena
Recruitment Team Lead
The program pushed me to work harder on achieving my goals, set a vision, explore my strengths, and gain confidence.
Kristina Ivanova
Sr. Financial Controller
Lidl Czech Republic
It's finally nice to have a role-model and also a cheerleader in one person, who believes in you, wants the best for you, leads you in new places and shows you the world of options. And who understands you. I am happy for that!

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The application deadline to the program is July 31st.


for a 6 months program
Work with your personal mentor 1:1 on your career challenges.
  • 12 sessions with mentor
  • 3 free tickets to events
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  • Certificate of completion

Mentoring + Coaching

for a 9 months program
Get connected with a coach and a mentor for more support.
  • 12 sessions with a mentor
  • 3 sessions with a coach
  • 3 free tickets to events
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  • Certificate of completion

For teams

Custom quote
Help your team grow through mentorship for the members of your team! Receive a dedicated customer success manager, reporting, and support.

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  • What questions to ask your mentor
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