Caitlin Rose

Regional Director of Media Accounts - EMEA

I am from New York City where I spent 10 years working in ad-tech account management and ad sales before my husband and I knew it was time for a life change. I was able to seize an opportunity with my company & move to London 2 years ago where I lead a large client facing team within EMEA. Professionally and personally it has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences I've faced so far. From learning and working with more than 10 different cultures, adapting to a different way to live and work (I left NYC because it truly never sleeps!) and learning more about myself and who I am as a leader, wife, friend and colleague - I am forever grateful and excited to see where the next 12 years take me. I would enjoy nothing more than to run back down the hill and help young women reach their ultimate potential, find their inner confidence and show that you can have fun while growing, because although it isn't smooth sailing the entire way, it is worth it if you set your mind to it.

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