Senta Cermakova

Director of Innovation

I am an award-winning business professional with twenty years of international experience in Sales, Marketing and Mergers & Acquisitions. Currently I hold the role of Innovations Director in Deloitte, where I have built the innovations team from scratch by employing budding young geniuses as interns from various universities and has pioneered the field of technological & social innovation in the Czech Republic. I previously held the role of the Worldwide Customer Programs Director in Hewlett Packard where I have been instrumental in transforming the way HP's customer programs are engaged by both Sales and Marketing. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, and hold the Master of Science in Biocybernetics. In 2011, I won the Czech Business Person of the Year award, becoming the first female ever to win this coveted prize in the competition's 20-year history, in 2016, I won the Advocate Marketing Academy Award in Advocate Recruitment, and my team has won the Deloitte CE Impact Award twice: ‘Keeping pace with the start-up world’ in 2018 & ‘Building up a new culture of social responsibility entangled with business innovation’ in 2019. I is a fan of wine & Belgian beer, an ardent writer of blogs on wine & travels and regularly contributes to Hospodářské Noviny & Ego.

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