Sergio Fregoni

Director of software and digital
United Kingdom
Mentoring focus:
Design, IT/Tech/Product, Project Management
As a director at IDEO Europe based in London, I help organisations become more digitally fit and I have a particular affinity for companies that might be daunted by the challenge. That something special I bring is a mix of knowing how to effectively ship digital products while turning what can be fixed environments into innovative ones armed with new skills.

I started coding as a kid and spent my early career as a software engineer for tech start-ups before taking a job as business engineer lead for Yoox Net-a-Porter Group. I led a fast-paced team tasked with getting things done quickly, and it marked the point where I started to move away from the keyboard and toward the application of technology to solve for human-led needs.

I got a taste of IDEO as a client before joining the company, where I works to increase organisations’ comfort level with launching innovative digital products by laying the right groundwork: creating a compelling story to fuel momentum around each idea and then identifying internal barriers and enablers to set them up for success.

I like to make technology look simple, accessible, and approachable while also translating the human need for engineers. It’s all in pursuit of what I'm passionate about—helping companies unlock that internal confidence they need to become more resilient and digitally fit in an increasingly circular economy.
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