Simon Koci

Head of International Partnerships
Czech Republic
Mentoring focus:
Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales/Business Development/CX
As a head of partnerships, I help major banks to make their online banking looking good and leverage their data. Tapix is already enriching payment data of clients such as BUNQ, Raiffeisen bank, Unicredit bank, Tatra bank, Fidoo, Twisto, Airbank, BCR, Česka Spořitelna, 365 and Poštovná bank.

Tapix enriches payment data with GPS🛰️, logo🍟, clean name and business category of the merchant.

By delivering Tapix to more than 11 clients we know how to save money, make customers more loyal, improve user experience and get the most out of the data they have.

1️⃣ improve user experience in your mobile app and web front end
2️⃣ save money and time - 411 working hours
3️⃣ increase data coverage and accuracy - 116%
4️⃣ improve fraud detection
5️⃣ decrees the number of customer inquiries - by 90% decrease
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