Stefano Laguardia

IT Service Operations Manager (Security)
Novartis s.r.o.

I describe myself as an IT passionate. I love technologies since I was child and that is why I decided to develop my career to be constantly in touch with them. For more than 17 years I have been working in several fields of IT, from O.S. Administration to Networking and Security. I dedicated time and passion in studying technologies while working for Companies of all sizes. Thanks to that I collected the experience to feel comfortable with a wide variety of technologies and work environments. I have always enjoyed tackling new challenges, finding the root cause of the problem and taking the lead. This moved me towards a managerial role. For almost 3 years I have been managing a team of very highly skilled professionals who are taking care of a critical Cyber Security field: detecting security vulnerabilities. I am responsible for long-term strategy, operations transformation to introduce automation and innovation as well as team development. The managerial responsibility means for me being active listener, guide but also coach and mentor who supports his team members for further career and personal development.

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