Václav Kotyk

HR Specialist (Talent Acquisition, Sourcing & EB)
Sentinel One

I’ve been fascinated by the world of Talent and its Development ever since I read an HR book at high school and the quote “Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” I offer a valuable mix of experience and talent market overview I’ve gained over the past 7+ years in HR & Business at a student’s NGO, a small business, a large corporate and most recently while scaling an international IT grown-up, all backed-up by a strong Business degree. I’ve always kept finding myself helping others succeed and fulfil their potential – whether it’s through career consulting, delivering lectures/workshops at universities, jobfairs or at my employers or simply through meaningful conversations. I enjoy working with and am humbled of being a trusted empathetic advisor to prospective leaders, young talents, people trying to solve difficult life challenges and also those trying to find their passion/pursuing career in a new field. Outside of work you can find me at a golf course, on a hike/bike-ride, tasting various cheesecake flavours/whiskeys, gardening, learning to code or reading books about personal development & psychology. I was lucky to always have great mentors throughout my journey and I’d be delighted to give back & share & empower others in a similar way ..and learn from each other too!

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