Who we are

Femme Palette helps women advance their careers by connecting them with like-minded women and offering mentorship and educational resources. At Femme Palette, we believe women should empower and motivate each other by sharing their career paths, goals and inspiration with each other.

Like an artist who uses a palette to mix different colors to create a painting, we provide a platform where women from diverse backgrounds can connect and create something beautiful together as well.


Why we started Femme Palette

We started Femme Palette to help women living in the Czech Republic grow their professional and personal network -- to become more entrepreneurial and empowered. We’ve heard stories of female professionals struggling to find similar women who want to talk about career advice, business ideas, challenges at work, or have motivating conversations. Through our research, we’ve heard that women are surrounded by female friends that they have known since childhood, went to high school with or worked together, but they don’t have the chance meet any other women outside their limited network. We're trying to change that by providing women with opportunities to meet each other on our platform and provide them educational resources to grow professionally.

Founders Lucie and Klara, credit: alicedix.com

Founders Lucie and Klara, credit: alicedix.com


Our mission

Our mission is to help women advance their careers and empower them


What we believe in

(These values are reflected in our branding)

Unity & Support

Unity & Support

Women lift each other up and are better together



Women are kind and encourage each other



Women push their limits and set higher goals



Women drive each other’s successes


Meet the ladies behind Femme Palette




Lucie is a designer and marketer at heart: she has lived in San Francisco for 5 years, and has worked in a variety of marketing and design roles for tech startups in Silicon Valley. Her expertise is in UX/UI design, branding, content, and social media marketing. She enjoys bringing ideas to life and work on project that have a direct impact on the world. Being surrounded by many inspiring women in San Francisco who helped shaping her professional career and personal development, she would like to create the same opportunity for other women, especially the ones living in Czech Republic.

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Klara, co-founder

Klara has experience working in B2B consulting with focus on sales and management strategy for large corporations and startups. She devotes her free time to working on social projects, her music band and traveling. She is also an all-kinds-of-sports enthusiast, eager reader and even bigger foodie. Working in a men-dominated field, Klara never had much opportunity to network and build relationships with like-minded female professionals. Therefore, she would like to help other women working in business to grow their network outside their office.

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Aida, design group leader

Aida is a specialist for user experience and user interface design of modern digital mobile applications. She combines UX/UI knowledge with innovation mindset and tries to apply these skills in company that requires digital transformation - CEMEX. In her free time she's usually reading books about mindfulness, practices yoga and spends time with her friends. She believes that we should harness the power of strong women to build foundations of healthy leadership in the future.Her vision is to create better place to live in by helping others, using innovative technological solutions and empowering woman.

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Catherine, design group co-leader

Cat is a Graphic Designer and photographer by trade. Cat worked in Boston and New York City as a graphic designer before moving to Prague a year and a half ago.Cat specializes in developing brand identity systems and is always on the look-out for ways to progress on a professional and personal level. She drinks way too much coffee for her own good, takes ceramics courses in her free time, loves to travel, is obsessed with the ocean, hates single use plastics, lives to snowboard in the winter months, keeps an ever-growing list of her favorite cafés, and is one of those crazy people that actually enjoys a morning workout. To her, there’s really nothing better than unique, like-minded women supporting and learning from each other.

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denisa, marketing group leader

Denisa began her career in marketing in GSK, a global pharmaceutical company, as a marketing specialist. From then on, her passion for marketing grew every day. Next, she started working at COTY, where she managed four luxury brands in three countries. She worked her way up to be a brand manager at Aquila, Fruttimo, and Veritea at the country’s soft drink market leader Karlovarske Mineralne Vody a.s. Her educational background is in management & marketing. She has also spent one semester in Krakow, Poland, studying International Business. Going ahead, she plans to open her own leadership academy. She enjoys yoga, coffee and traveling.

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Angie is a Miami native, who decided to follow her dream and move to Europe. She’s a freelancer, with experience in the Aviation and Higher Education industries. When she’s not teaching English, she is developing projects for a consulting startup. Prior to moving to Prague, she worked at an NGO airline association, where one of her responsibilities was to plan and successfully execute two annual international conferences for top aviation leaders in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Angie loves learning about new cultures through food and traveling the world. She strives to connect and empower women of different backgrounds across a variety of industries.

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valeria, events COORDINATOR

Valeria is a multi-lingual marketer, who enjoys collaborations on meaningful projects in culturally-diverse teams. With a degree in business and media, she currently oversees marketing for healthcare and chemicals industries in an international market research and consulting firm.
In her free time, she enjoys helping start-ups create business plans, pitch decks, and investment proposals, and celebrates their success. She lived in Russia and the Basque Country, and currently resides in Prague. Valeria is a long-time vegan, who finds her inner peace in-between yoga and a glass of aromatic Spanish wine.

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Erika, hr/Talent group leader

Erika is working for an EdTech company named Lipa Learning as an Assistant to the Executive Director and HR Specialist. Her background is in diplomacy and she has experience with Business Development. She is a big enthusiast when it comes to education. She likes to challenge herself and always finds ways to get out of her comfort zone. Erika enjoys time with her family, loves nature and likes exploring new places around the world. She has always believed that women will change the world - that's why she joined Femme Palette to be part of something meaningful. Her life motto is: Nothing Normal Ever Changed A Damn Thing!

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Tanya, GIRLBOSS Group Leader

Tanya is a portrait photographer from Saint-Petersburg. Photography is something that helps her to challenge and develop herself, learn more about people, art and the world around. Originally, she wanted to be a marketer and she studied management and marketing in the best business schools of Russia, Germany and Portugal. As an entrepreneur, she has experienced it all - hustling, failing and starting all over again. She learned a lot from her own experience and from other entrepreneurs. She loves to talk with people about their projects, share insights and stories, help them to change and grow. In her free time she loves to cook spicy Asian food, sugar free chocolate and gluten free sweets and she plans to start bouldering and learning Czech in 2019.

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Lena, tech group leader

Lena is Backend developer, with the passion of coding and creating new things. She is Prize-winner of IT Challenges Championship 2018 at Backend category and author of two technical blogs on Instagram (about tips for beginners) and Telegram (about diversity in tech, feminism & tech field, IT news). Lena has experience in teaching programming, mentoring and organizing tech meet-ups. She is also working on her public speaking skills (made speech on Unconference track at SymfonyCon 2018). In her free time, she makes first steps in contributing to open-source, learns how to design and reads a lot of articles.

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