Mentees outcomes


Mentees joined since 2019


Satisfaction with the program


Mentees improved their skills


Mentees got a new job

My goal was to switch career from architecture to UX design and get a full-time job within six months. My mentor helped me navigate in the UX world while I was applying for jobs and going to interviews. I’m happy to say I managed to reach this goal and now I enjoy my new role in Slevomat.

- Monika


Mentees received a promotion

Mentoring helped me with my time management and also to be more proactive. I overachieved my KPI’s and learned how to give feedback to my manager. I was able to achieve one of my goals - to become a manager. With my mentor, I focused on learning how to lead and manage people in my team.

- Michaela


Networking connections made by each mentee on average

I was super happy to have opportunity joining FP cohort focused on leadership. Even though I am not leader myself I have gained a lot of useful tips how to navigate within different environments and situations which are occurring on daily basis and which one will face in the future. Hearing inspirational speakers, working with my mentor and getting new connections from the local market also helped to decide and move back to Czechia after couple of years abroad.

- Veronika


Mentees increased their confidence

This was my first experience with mentoring and it was great since the beginning. I am very grateful that FP matched me with Barbora and we could share this experience together. My mentor is super skilled  and she guided me very well with every single topic that I needed. Thanks to it I am more confident at my job and I can look at some tasks from different perspective.

- Veronika