Refund policy for Femmepreneurs program


We understand that there can be some unpredicted circumstances in your life. In case that happens, please email us at and we will evaluate the situation and the perks of the program you have used already and get back to you with a suggested refund amount.

You won’t be eligible for the refund if:

  1. You are not active in the group, won’t show up to the events we organize. You’re expected to participate in most of the activities that we organize for you. The program was designed to bring you value only if you are active in the program.

  2. You are not showing commitment to the mentor meetings. If your mentor reports, that you’re not prepared for the meetings and don’t take it seriously, don’t show up to the meeting or won’t respond to your mentor in a timely manner, we’ll give you the first warning. If things don’t change and your mentor doesn’t want to mentor you anymore because of that, you won’t be eligible to get a different mentor or a refund at any point of the program.