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Do you like our project? Help us keep it running by buying a Femme Palette tote bag! From each purchase we get 10% of the price, that we will use for operational costs of our platform and website. Your support means a lot to us!

Please help us to spread the word about the Femme Palette project by taking a picture of your new bag, sharing it on your social media and tagging us! That way we can also thank you properly! #femmepalette

Note: If you decide to buy any of the tote bags, please buy only the colors displayed here as they represent our branding and the graphics were designed exactly for these bags colors.



Tote bags

mujprodukt (14).jpg

Femme Friends tote bag

Cotton tote bag with Femme Palette illustration

390 CZK

mujprodukt (8).jpg

Happy Femme tote bag

Cotton tote bag with Happy Femme illustrations

390 CZK

mujprodukt (15).jpg

Queens tote bag

Cotton tote bag with slogan 

390 CZK

mujprodukt (5).jpg

Femme Future tote bag

Cotton tote bag with The Future is Female slogan

390 CZK