Alice Machova

Partner, Financial Accounting Advisory Services; Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Innovations & trendsetting in EY - CFO Consulting, Operational Business Services & Sustainability strategy and reporting. My purpose is to move companies to the next level through bringing technology to finance and local companies to global level. I have over 20 years of experience in finance & accounting advisory and 10 years in leadership roles in Europe. My greatest strength is to innovate through connecting and bringing the latest trends and technologies to people, finance departments and companies internationally.Currently, I am the Partner and Central Cluster Leader for Financial Accounting Advisory Services in EY and I lead teams of over 70 people in 6 countries. I brought the Financial Accounting Advisory from London to the region and built it over the last 10 years to its current size. The growths of the advisory was built on combining strengths in traditional accounting & finance with bringing the latest technology trends. For the past three years, for example, we focused on robotics, AI, EY digital tools and Finance transformations. In addition, I drive connecting local and global perspectives and best practices. For example, I connected a successful Czech startup in digital invoicing with local subsidiary of a large multinational which then became a pilot project for the whole group internationally.

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