8 months | 3 hours of coaching | 12 hours of mentorship

Define your career goals with a coach to get the most out of your sessions with a mentor

A coach can help you find your vision, identify your values and motivators, improve self-confidence, and build the strength to pursue what you want. After coaching sessions, you’ll be ready to dive into mentoring!

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“Mentoring Program gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and change things - I was feeling that I should do the brave decision and follow my heart to new career path. And I landed a position as IT Recruitment Lead in almost no time.”
- Mia Kurekova, Senior IT recruiter at Altersis

How our Coaching + Mentoring program for women works

This program is for everyone who is not sure about their career goals and need help from a coach to define them. This program combines techniques of coaching (a coach is asking you questions to maximize your self-awareness and potential) and mentoring (you are asking questions to your mentor to expand your knowledge).

  • 12 hours of 1:1 mentorship
    You will get matched with a certified coach for 3 hourly sessions that happen bi-weekly (remotely). Your coach will help you get clarity on your career goals.
  • 3 hours of 1:1 coaching
    After your coaching sessions, you’ll get matched with a mentor who will help you work towards your goals. You’ll receive 12 hourly mentoring sessions over a period of 6 months (remotely, or in-person depending on your location).
  • Mentee/Coachee training and support
    We’ll give you guidance on how to work with a coach and a mentor to get the most of out your experience.
  • Certificate of completion
    At the end of the program, you'll receive a certificate of completion.
Mentoring categories

We offer mentorship in the following categories

  • Marketing
  • HR/Recruiting
  • Design
  • IT/Tech
  • Business Development, Sales
  • Finance
  • Leadership/Management
  • General Career Guidance
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We have 400+ mentors ready to help

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How a coach can help you

  • Get answers that are already hidden within yourself
    Your coach will ask you questions about your unique situation and how you would like to change it to make sure you have a strong understanding of your mentoring goals and ultimately, yourself. For example, your coach can help you better and/or deeper understand what kind of a manager you want to be, why you’re unhappy in your current role, what motivates you, why you want to start your own business, what are your values, or why you might prefer a large company over a small startup, or the other way around.
  • Set up your goals for mentoring
    Your coach will help you define the SMART goals for your mentoring journey. Having explored yourself and your vision in the coaching setting, you will be well-equipped to start meeting with your mentor who will add field-specific expertise and personal insight to help you achieve your goals.
Meet some of our coaches

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What will your mentor help you with?

Your mentor will help you “see around corners” in your career so you know what it takes to progress. Your mentor will be your guide and sounding board for ideas, helping you reflect on your goals and decide on the best course of action.

Your mentor will help you identify the expertise you need to succeed, including building confidence, improving your presentation and communication skills. You will also get advice on additional resources you can leverage, including books, articles, and events.

Working regularly with a mentor ensures that you maintain focus on your career growth and have consistent conversations about how you can improve. Long-term career growth is often about improving a little bit every day, rather than in short bursts.

Your mentor can offer an opportunity to expand your existing network of professional contacts by introducing you to relevant connections. On average, our mentees receive 3.5 connections from their mentors.

Mentee testimonials

What our mentees say

We matched over 400 people with their mentors. Read about their experience.
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Petra Linhartova
Collections & Cash Allocation
Ingersoll Rand
I am really appreciative of Simona and what we have been able to discuss together. Her genuine but at the same time direct approach has forced me to think about things I would not have thought of myself otherwise. I was able to get a different point of view without losing my own perspective. And after each session I was left with a lot of "food for thought" and usually found myself thinking about the previously discussed topics multiple days after.
Helena Davis
CEE Manager
Soulmates Ventures
Over the past 6 months I feel I have grown in many aspects of both my personal life and my approach to the career path ahead of me. I was able to increase my confidence and become a more effective negotiator.
Kristyna Cervena
Recruitment Team Lead
The program pushed me to work harder on achieving my goals, set a vision, explore my strengths, and gain confidence.
Petra Kotalová
Head of Marketing Operations
& Deputy Marketing Director
at MallGroup
I am very happy I've chosen Pavla to be my coach as she is a true professional and also a great personal fit. Our sessions were very productive, inspiring, full of practical tips and helped me set the path that I can further work on with my mentor. Moreover, I've always felt very energetic and motivated after our sessions!

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Mentoring + Coaching

for a 9 months program
Get connected with a coach and a mentor for more support.
  • 12 sessions with a mentor
  • 3 sessions with a coach
  • 3 free tickets to events
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  • Certificate of completion


for a 6 months program
Work with your personal mentor 1:1 on your career challenges.
  • 12 sessions with mentor
  • 3 free tickets to events
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  • Certificate of completion

For teams

Custom quote
Help your team grow through mentorship for the members of your team! Receive a dedicated customer success manager, reporting, and support.

Want to learn more about mentoring? Get this guide!

This is is for everyone who is interested in mentorship. In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • Is mentoring right for you?
  • Benefits of mentoring
  • How to set up your career goals
  • How to be a good mentee
  • What questions to ask your mentor
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