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Do you know someone who could be a great mentor? Is there someone who helped you out in your career? Nominate them to become a mentor and we'll reach out to them to ask if they want to mentor with us!

You can either share their LinkedIn URL or email with us.
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Nomination process


Fill out the form on the top of the page with the mentor's information. If you wish to nominate more people, please refresh the page.

Reach out

We'll review the LinkedIn of the nominated mentors and if we think they are a good fit for our program, we'll reach out to them.


If the mentors are interested to join the program, they have to fill out a mentor application and go through the onboarding process.

Mentor criteria that we track in the application process

  • Active listening skills and efficient communication
  • Ability to build  trust with mentee
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Ability to identify needs and help establish SMART goals
  • Ability to motivate and build confidence
  • Willingness to share own experience
  • Acting as a role model
  • Clear understanding about mentoring and ability to apply mentoring skills in practice

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