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Femme Palette mentee and coachee Susana Perez on her journey towards becoming a Product Manager

Susana Perez was a Femme Palette mentee and coachee, who has finished our Coaching and Mentoring program. She is a Producut Manager at Randstad. In this spotlight interview, we asked Susana about her journey towards becoming a corporate trainer, the biggest challenges she faced and lessons she learned along the way, and so much more!
Rose Smith
February 22, 2024
From our community

Women empowering reads: Recommendations by Femme Palette members

At the end of January, I organized a book club for FP members in Prague. In the second half of the evening, everyone pitched in with their top book picks for empowering women. Originally, I thought we would vote and share only the most popular ones, but the night unfolded differently. What transpired was a vibrant exchange of ideas, demonstrating the importance of embracing different outlooks. It became clear that relying solely on the majority vote wouldn't capture the essence of the varied and empowering experiences shared. So, without further ado, explore below a kaleidoscopic list of books, each in its own way contributing to the empowerment of women.
Veronika Smrckova
February 26, 2024

“The experience of losing myself in my own business taught me a big lesson.”: Katerina Rydlova on running her own femtech business

Katerina Rydlova is an industrial healthcare designer and founder of Body Moody. Her company entered the Czech femtech industry with a heated bodysuit offering relief from menstrual pain. In this interview, we talked about her journey from designer to founder, how Body Moody’s product works, but also about her struggles and difficult times in her business and how she overcame them.
Femme Palette
February 15, 2024

How to start with crypto as part of your investment portfolio

This article introduces cryptocurrency investments and a comprehensive guide to bring you the knowledge and tools necessary to understand this exciting investment landscape. Whether you are a beginner or have some crypto investment experience and would like to recap your knowledge, this is the right place and valuable resource on your investment journey.
Michaela Malatin
February 13, 2024

SMART mentoring goals examples to help you get the most out of mentorship

Unlocking your full potential in mentorship requires setting clear and strategic goals. Utilizing the SMART framework provides you with a structured approach for both mentors and mentees. This methodology ensures that your goals are well-defined, attainable, and aligned with your individual aspirations. In this article, we explore practical examples of SMART mentoring goals across diverse fields, ranging from UX design and marketing to IT/tech and HR/people ops. By delving into these examples, you can gain insights into crafting goals that propel your professional growth and development through effective mentorship.
Femme Palette
February 13, 2024

"The key is to be trustworthy and like people.": Interview with Petra Horova on building psychologically safe teams

Meet Petra Horova, Tribe Lead for IT Risk Solutions at Česká spořitelna, as she shares insights into her leadership journey and experiences in the male-dominated IT sector. Petra highlights the advantages of diversity and discusses strategies for building psychological safety within her team, emphasizing open communication, active feedback, and the crucial role of trust. 
Femme Palette
February 7, 2024

Mentoring in Sales & Business Development: Meet Sales & Business Development experts from our mentor community

Would you like to grow professionally in the field of sales and business development by working with a mentor? Our Sales & Business Development mentors help their mentees identify leads, understand the sales cycle,and form strategic partnerships that open up new markets. They support their mentees in exploring all the possibilities working in the field has to offer. With a global mentor community from different backgrounds, our mentors have different experiences to share with their mentees, making every mentoring experience unique. To give you a glimpse of our diverse mentor community, we introduce to you some of our mentors in the field of sales and business development.
Rose Smith
January 30, 2024

How to receive feedback the right way so it benefits you

Seeking feedback is natural, but often it brings paradoxical reactions. We crave it for affirmation but may also feel a reluctance to face constructive criticism. Positive feedback serves as a source of encouragement, providing a boost, while navigating suggestions for improvement can pose a more intricate challenge.Throughout my career I have had my portion of negative feedback, which made me feel anxious, insecure and handled unfairly. It took me quite a few years before I have been able to design the perfect system which would allow me to process this feedback, but also graciously accept it. 
Alina Ruiz Guerra
January 25, 2024

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