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6 ways women in leadership can improve their self-care

A wavering job market, inflation and evolving workplace trends are enough to stress anyone. However, managing personal responsibilities while growing their careers presents additional challenges for women. ‍Self-care is essential for professional development and achievement. Here's how workplace burnout occurs and what you can do to meet your needs as a business leader.
Mia Barnes
May 30, 2024

Unlock Your Career Potential: Meet a handful of mentors who can help you land a new job or a promotion

Ready to take your career to new heights? Our latest mentor spotlight blog post is here, focusing on landing that dream job or snagging that long-awaited promotion! Let's dive in and meet some of the incredible mentors who are ready to help you navigate your career journey with confidence and success.
Femme Palette
May 23, 2024

The importance of building and maintaining trust in the mentoring relationship

In this article, I'd like to explore the intricate dynamics of trust within mentoring sessions, illuminating its significance in fostering authentic connections and facilitating meaningful learning experiences. I'll navigate you through the nuances of trust-building in mentorship, uncovering essential strategies and insights to cultivate trust and empower both mentors and mentees to thrive in their collaborative pursuit of personal and professional excellence.
Kristina Duffkova
May 14, 2024

From Stranger to Ally: Making Connections Easier After Moving Abroad

As I embarked on my own adventure abroad, I encountered a surprising number of articles painting a picture of isolation for newcomers. "You'll be very much alone," came up surprisingly often… But is isolation inevitable? How can we build a network of contacts and find connections in a new country?
Vanda Adlerova
May 6, 2024

Femme Palette mentee Michaela Villinova on her journey towards navigating career growth and parenthood

Meet Michaela Villinova, the Fraud & Risk team lead at Mews. Michaela was a Femme Palette mentee, who has finished her Mentoring program. With a diverse background spanning hospitality and financial services, Michaela's career journey has been marked by adaptability and determination. Overcoming challenges such as returning from maternity leave to a managerial role, in this spotlight, she underscores the importance of resilience and support networks. In this spotlight, we asked Michaela about her pursuit for personal and career growth, and the role of mentorship in her journey. Her story reflects resilience, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.
Tanya Stadnyk
May 2, 2024

Want to stay on top of your investments? Here are 5 apps to start using!

Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned enthusiast, keeping close track of your investments doesn’t need to be overwhelming - in fact, it can even be fun! We asked Marie Sychrova, Femme Palette mentor, financial specialist in investing, and moderator of our #womeninvestingclub Slack community channel to share some of her favourite apps she uses to stay updated on investments. Check out her tips!
Femme Palette
April 25, 2024

Leveraging nonprofit work for your professional growth: My experience as a UX designer

Let me introduce the concept of volunteering for a nonprofit organisation as a means of self-development.
Veronika Hnilickova
April 22, 2024

Mentoring to Build Confidence: Meet a handful of mentors who can help you overcome self-doubt

Are you struggling with low self-esteem and searching for ways to boost your confidence? A mentor can provide personalized support and encouragement tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. Through honest feedback, shared experiences, and skill development, our mentors will help you to gain valuable perspective, set realistic goals, and cultivate the confidence you need to thrive in any endeavor. To give you a glimpse of the diverse mentor community at Femme Palette, we introduce to you some of our mentors who can help you unlock your full potential.
Femme Palette
April 16, 2024

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