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Being a good manager and leader takes time. Help your managers learn the leadership skills in our Leadership program that combines a 1:1 approach with group sessions.
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How the Leadership program works

In this 6 months program, your selected colleagues will work intensively on their leadership skills alongside other colleagues. This program is very personalized and aims to address each participant’s challenges in leadership development with hands-on, practical and interactive activities. We require a minimum of 12 people to enroll in the program.

  • Mentorship from a leader
    Your colleagues will get up to 12 hours with a mentor who has 5+ years of managerial experience. Their mentor will provide them with guidance on how to be a better manager and leader and will help them navigate their challenges.
  • Group workshops [online]
    You can select 4 workshops from various leadership topics that your colleagues will attend.
  • 1:1 networking
    Your colleagues will be matched for regular 1:1 networking calls with the participants of our mentoring program.

Choose from the Leadership topics

You'll be able to select 4 topics from a list of leadership workshops. We can also tailor a workshop to your exact needs.

  • Team management & culture
  • Confidence
  • Leading with empathy
  • How to challenge unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Managing Imposter Syndrome
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Establishing feedback culture
  • Authentic leadership
  • These are just a few examples. You can request the full workshop list when you talk to us about your needs.
Meet some of the workshop facilitators

Our facilitators are experienced leadership coaches or leaders

What are the benefits of mentoring for your company

  • Talent development and well-being
    You’ll invest in the career development of your employees and show you care about their progress and happiness
  • Knowledge transfer
    Through the mentors, your employees will bring new knowhow to the company
  • Increased productivity
    Your employees will increase their productivity as they will develop new skills and competencies
  • Encourages feedback culture
    Your employees will learn how to receive and give feedback and will practice it in your company
  • Builds employer brand
    Your employees will see that the leadership is willing to invest in its employees and this will also improve talent acquisition efforts

What our mentees achieved


Mentees increased their confidence


Improved their skills


Satisfied with their sessions
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Our pledge

Thanks to the cooperation with companies, we're able to offer scholarships and discounts to women who don’t get support from their companies, students, women on maternity leave, or young people from children’s homes and socially disadvantaged backgrounds and refugees.

Check our Scholarship fund.

What our company clients and mentees say

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David Prochazka
CEO, Founder
It’s great to see that mentoring has a positive impact on my employees. They learned practical things that they are able to apply to their daily work. Thanks to their mentors, they’ve got a fresh perspective and came up with new ideas and ways of doing things. It’s important for me to know who is willing to work on themselves and put the effort into mentoring.
Tasko Kostadinovski
Marketing Team Leader
I enjoyed mentoring program from Femme Palette. Matching with my mentor was perfect, and the whole organization was on point, including the preparation or collecting feedback throughout the program. The best way is that mentoring will help instantly to implement some things, or it will make you think differently; in some ways, it's mind-opening. Always beneficial to share ideas with more experienced people.
Michaela Dyntarova
Account Manager
Mentoring helped me with my time management and also to be more proactive. I overachieved my KPI’s and learned how to give feedback to my manager. I was able to achieve one of my goals - to become a manager. With my mentor, I focused on learning how to lead and manage people in my team.
Bara Benesova
Finance Operations Manager
Our whole team had the possibility to participate in Femme Palette mentoring program and it was one of the best experiences we can have. The organization is great, everything worked perfectly and I really appreciate it's only up to you and your mentor on what you would like to focus on. It's really valuable to have somebody who can help you with all aspects of your work and personality. You can develop your hard knowledge/soft skills but you can also discuss interesting topics/your struggles and it helps you to see things from a different perspective and thanks to that in a bigger picture.

How it works

Application process

We will schedule calls with applicants and will help them set their goals for the program to have a clear outcome.

Mentor matching

We match the mentees with their mentors. For 6 months, mentors and mentees will meet once every 2 weeks.


We’ll run a 'how to be a good mentee" workshop to kick of the program and 4 workshops later on based on your selection.


You’ll receive from us updates on how the mentees as progressing, how are they engaged and satisfied with the program.

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