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Being a good manager and leader takes time. Help your managers learn the leadership skills in our Leadership program that combines a 1:1 approach with group sessions.
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These companies trusted us with development of their talent

How the Leadership program works

In this 6 months program, your selected colleagues will work intensively on their leadership skills alongside other colleagues. This program is very personalized and aims to address each participant’s challenges in leadership development with hands-on, practical and interactive activities. We require a minimum of 12 people to enroll in the program.

  • Mentorship from a leader
    Your colleagues will get up to 12 hours with a mentor who has 5+ years of managerial experience. Their mentor will provide them with guidance on how to be a better manager and leader and will help them navigate their challenges.
  • Mentoring platform
    Your colleagues will get access to the Mentoring Platform where they'll be able to track progress, write  notes, rate sessions and more!
  • Group workshops [online]
    You can select 4 workshops from various leadership topics that your colleagues will attend.
  • 1:1 networking
    Your colleagues will be matched for regular 1:1 networking calls with the participants of our mentoring program.

Evaluate and track the program in the Client platform

You’ll get access to your client platform, where you’ll be able:

  • Track mentor x mentee matches
  • Evaluate overall and mid-program feedback
  • Check progress and self-reflection from each mentee
  • Access client manual and other resources

Choose from the Leadership topics

You'll be able to select 4 topics from a list of leadership workshops. We can also tailor a workshop to your exact needs.

  • Team management & culture
  • Confidence
  • Leading with empathy
  • How to challenge unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Managing Imposter Syndrome
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Establishing feedback culture
  • Authentic leadership
  • These are just a few examples. You can request the full workshop list when you talk to us about your needs.

Impact of mentoring on our company clients


Average satisfaction with the program


Average satisfaction with the mentor


Would like to get a mentor again

The data shown is collected from all our company clients who filled out the final feedback (Updated in March 2024)

Meet some of the workshop facilitators

Our facilitators are experienced leadership coaches, trainers, psychologists and leaders
Simon Steffal
Founder & Chief Vision Officer
Olga Zimmermann
Organizational Psychologist, Business Coach, Workplace Wellbeing Consultant
Ravi Ram
Sr. Director of Sales at Springboard, Leadership Coach at Educe Partners
Simona Saskova
Leadership coach
Daniela Sedlonova
Mental coach & Google Certified Trainer Business & Soft skills
Pavla Grigarova
Brand & Reputation Marketing Lead at Google

What are the benefits of mentoring for your company

  • Talent development and well-being
    You’ll invest in the career development of your employees and show you care about their progress and happiness
  • Knowledge transfer
    Through the mentors, your employees will bring new knowhow to the company
  • Increased productivity
    Your employees will increase their productivity as they will develop new skills and competencies
  • Encourages feedback culture
    Your employees will learn how to receive and give feedback and will practice it in your company
  • Builds employer brand
    Your employees will see that the leadership is willing to invest in its employees and this will also improve talent acquisition efforts

What our mentees achieved


Are more confident in their role


Are able to handle difficult conversations


I gained valuable insights, perspectives and ideas how to solve problems


Improved their leadership skills


Are more effective at delegation that empowers others


Have a better understanding of their leadership style

The data shown is collected from all our company clients who filled out the final feedback (Updated in March 2024)

Case studies

The company wanted to try out a different approach to talent development and decided to enroll selected employees to the leadership and mentoring program. The company wanted to give its leaders who have been in their roles for several years an opportunity to learn 1:1 from external mentors.

Read their story

The company wanted to help selected leaders in the company to continue working on their leadership skills through personalized 1:1 approach in the form of external mentoring.

Read their story

SThree runs its global women’s leadership development programme, Identify, and for the year 2022, they decided to offer the participants of the leadership programme an opportunity to get a personal mentor.

Read their story

The company has its Women Resource Group, whose main leaders wanted to offer its members an opportunity to get a mentor and work on their career and skills.The committee of Avast’s ERG selected the right candidates for the program based on their motivation.

Read their story

The company wanted to offer selected employees a professional development opportunity through external mentoring. The company has been supporting their employees internally on their professional development, but wanted to give them also the option to learn from external resources.

Read their story

The finance team wanted to offer their team members an opportunity to learn from external resources through mentoring to keep up with the company's high growth and new challenges.

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Mentors work in companies such as

Our pledge

Thanks to the cooperation with companies, we're able to offer scholarships and discounts to women who don’t get support from their companies, students, women on maternity leave, or young people from children’s homes and socially disadvantaged backgrounds and refugees.

Check our Scholarship fund.

How our employee mentring options compare

We offer individual employee mentoring as well as a structured mentoring program for companies. Compare and decide which option best fits your needs.
Individual mentoring
(regular/company covered)
program for companies
Who it's for
Individual or small groups (up to 5 people) apply directly to get a mentor and their company covers the program fee for them.
The companies themselves decide to send a group of 5+ individuals into our Mentoring Program.
Access to reporting
No client reporting
Full acces to our Client Dashboard - includes reporting, tracking mentee progress, resources for your colleagues, and more
Mentoring focus
Up to the individual to decide
Up to the individual to decide but can be controlled by the client (Cases such as the mentee wants to work on a business idea, instead of developing skills needed for growing in the role, will be flagged to the client)
Who are the mentors
Mentors who work with us on a volunteering basis
Our best-rated or more experienced mentors who work with us on a paid basis (or non monetary compensation). These mentors can also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before working with company mentees if needed.
Additional packages
No additional packages
Includes Employer Branding Package (benefits such as advertising the company's job opportunities in our community or client spotlight interview on our blog)
Legal conditions
Regular T&C closed with the mentee
Company client signs a contract with Femme Palette outlining the terms & conditions of the employee mentoring program. More flexible conditions for when the employee leaves the company.
Mentee perks
Basic community membership
Premium Digital community membership for 1 year
Level of support
Support for mentees individually from a Program Manager only
Client is given their own Account Manager to deal with on a company level, as well as individual mentee support. Account Manager informs the client about the progress of the mentees on regular basis.
Training and resources
Available as offline training materials in the mentoring platform
Live online workshop exclusively for a closed group of mentees from your company, facilitated by your Account Manager. Participants have the option to ask questions during the event. Additionally, the event is recorded and available for future use.

What our company clients say

Read about the experience of our clients who sent their colleagues to our Mentoring program
We cooperated with Femme Palette on Mentoring Program for Avast women employees. This program was focused on leadership skills, soft-skills development. Mentees had a chance to learn from the experts across different industries which was invaluable. After the program mentees felt more confident about how to pursue their careers, started to build personal brand and some Mentees even got promoted!
Irina Veligan
Campaigns Optimization Manager at Avast, Women at Avast Committee member
The experience of working with Femme Palette has been impactful and really easy! The participants of our women’s development programme, who were matched through FP to their mentors, felt it was the most beneficial part of their experience. Throughout the programme we felt supported, with useful reporting insights on progress for the mentees. What we liked about Femme Palette as a partner, is their commitment to supporting women get access to development through the FP Scholarship fund who may not otherwise have the opportunity.
Raveena Dhadwal
DEI Business Partner
at SThree
90% of our mentees would like to continue in mentoring, most of them even with the same mentor. I believe this speaks for itself. From my personal point of view – I've seen quite a few AHA! moments of our mentees, great progress and even shifts of their mindsets over the course of this particular program. 
Zuzana Peskova
Head of People & Culture
at Livesport
We love working with Femme Palette! Our whole team is so excited to get a chance to speak with senior mentors and gain experience through conversations without actually spending months or years of trials and errors themselves. We will definitely continue in the future and keep the option for people to join this awesome program!
Pavla Munzarova
CFO at Mews
People&Culture is one of the company priorities. The development of our team leaders and managers is our primary focus, as we know they are the key to our success. We chose Femme Palette’s mentoring program to become one of the pillars in this development initiative, and I could not thank the mentors more! The perspective brought from outside of Bonami helped our managers broaden their view on their growth, as well as people management in the company. Every mentee I talked to found the program beneficial for their current role and for their future career steps.
Regina Kluchova
Chief of People at Bonami
We wanted to give our leaders and managers the possibility for both professional and personal growth. Our aim was to implement a long-term educational program focused on improvement of our managers’ soft skills, and once we saw what Femme Palette offers, we knew we had found the corresponding way of doing that. The main purpose of the program was for our leaders to clarify their professional goals and get inspiration for their managerial roles from other professionals from different companies and industries. We really appreciate the cooperation with Femme Palette, their proactive approach and their willingness to solve all our ad hoc requirements. Their reports gave us a great overall picture of the impact the program has had on our company's everyday reality.
Irma Maric
Education Specialist, Tipsport

How it works

Application process

We will schedule calls with applicants and will help them set their goals for the program to have a clear outcome.

Mentor matching

We match the mentees with their mentors. For 6 months, mentors and mentees will meet once every 2 weeks.


We’ll run a 'how to be a good mentee" workshop to kick of the program and 4 workshops later on based on your selection.

Client Dashboard

You’ll receive from us access to your Client Dashboard where you can track how mentees as progressing and their satisfaction with the program.

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