Mentoring program

Our Mentoring Program is set up to support women in their professional and personal development. We want to help our members to grow and develop on every level. Our mentors provide support to the mentees with regard to their career growth and interpersonal skill development. Our mentors help mentees explore their career options, set development goals, develop new contacts and identify resources.

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How our program works

  • Long term career advice for 6 months

  • Bi-weekly 1 hour long mentoring sessions

  • Meetings are online or in-person (based on agreement with your mentor)

  • Goal-setting structure with progress tracking

  • Feedback and review at the end of 6 months

Mentoring options

  • General mentoring - personal development, confidence building based on personal goal setting

  • Career specific mentoring – focused on your career, industry, aimed at skill-set developing


Our mentors


We have a range of mentors from different industry backgrounds, different levels and experiences. All our mentors have either previously had experience mentoring and proven to successfully help our mentees grow, or are industry experts (manager and above) in their field, that can help navigate you and your career.

We will always aim to match you with a mentor that has 1-2 levels of experience above you. Our mentoring program differentiates from others by providing 12 hours of one-on-one time over the period of 6 months, it is focused on helping achieve specifically defined goals to ensure there are visible results at the end of the 6 months.


Our mentors work in companies such as


Meet some of our mentors




Client Partner at ROIHunter




Digital Marketing Lead at Manifesto Market



People Ops Lead at Productboard




Freelance UX Designer




Marketing Director at AccelerAsia


What our mentees say


Tanya was totally awesome! She prepared a plan for our meetings, she taught me a lot of new ways of thinking, she supported me and encouraged me to take new and frightening actions. I had homework every meeting which worked very well. She was very clear with her feedback on what I've done and wasn't afraid to be honest with me when it wasn't right. She was always available when I needed her. I couldn't imagine a better mentor for me, the match was just splendid and I feel like she helped to put me on a totally new way in my career.

- Eilat Ben-Eliyahu, Freelance Filmmaker

I am glad being a part of this initiative. You made a perfect match and even though we both come from different backgrounds, we were able to find common goals and Jana is great leader and mentor as well. I have so much to learn from her and I truly appreciate that she is willing to share her best knowledge and experience with me. I was my pleasure to meet her. Many thanks for all your hard work.

- Markéta Svobodová, TA Operations Specialist at Red Hat


Interested in being a mentee? 

What this would mean to you

  • Set goals for the next 6 months with your mentor

  • Get 12 hours of mentoring over 6 months with your assigned mentor

  • Build a network/meet new people from your industry

Price: 2,500 CZK (Paid at the beginning of the program). Read our refund policy.


What our mentors say


We achieved a significant development of the mentees technical JS skills, which will allow her to play a more significant developer role at her employer.

- Jakub Golan


We had meetings every week for 90mins and it was great to go deeper into topics. She better understand the UX Design field and for me I improved my skill how to easily explain fundamentals of UX Design.

- Pavel Kroupa


Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

Have you ever had the feeling you wouldn’t be where you are today without that person who supported you or gave you valuable advice? If you feel comfortable in your career, now it’s the right time to give back. As a mentor you offers your knowledge, expertise and advice to those with less experience. By leveraging your experience and skills, you can guide your mentee in the right direction.


Key benefits of becoming a mentor

Have an immediate impact on someone’s life

Improve your leadership skills

Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas

Build your personal brand

Access a network of other mentors

We’re looking for mentors who are:

  • Passionate about helping women grow

  • Have strong communication skills

  • An active listener with a positive attitude

  • Able to reinforce positive behaviors and provide constructive examples

  • Committed to provide support and counsel

  • Able to break down complex concepts into easily digestible components

If this resonates with you, apply to be a mentor!

We will schedule a short call with you to chat more about your experience, ambitions and determine if you are a fit for our program.


Any questions?

Get in touch with the Mentoring Program lead Aneta Geistova if you have any questions! Email her at