Refund policy for Mentoring Program

  1. You’ll be matched with a mentor that we think suits the best to your needs. You and your mentor have to meet for the first time. If you don’t think you and your mentor are a good match after the first meeting, we’ll find a different mentor for you within 2 weeks.

  2. After meeting your second mentor, if you feel like the mentor is not a good match either, we’ll refund you your money.

  3. If you don’t meet the requirement of meeting your mentor (first and the second one), you won’t be eligible for the refund.

  4. We don’t provide a refund before you meet the mentor. Please don’t judge the mentor only based on their LinkedIn. You never know how experienced the mentor is before talking to each other. Mentoring is about providing a) new ways of thinking, gaining a new perspective b) building new industry relationships c) receive advice from people that have gone through the same situations.

  5. You’re expected to communicate with your mentor on a regular basis and show up to scheduled meetings. If you stop showing up to your mentor meetings or stop responding to your mentor, you are not eligible for a refund at any time of the program.

  6. You’re expected to be prepared for each meeting. If your mentor reports, that you’re not prepared for the meetings and don’t take it seriously, we’ll give you the first warning. If things don’t change and your mentor doesn’t want to mentor you anymore because of that, you won’t be eligible for refund.

  7. If from some reason the mentor stops communicating with you throughout the program, let us know and we’ll try to solve the issue. In case the mentor won’t have time from some reason to continue the program, we’ll refund you the money for the months that you didn’t receive any mentoring. (For example: In case your mentor stops communicating with you in the month 4, you’ll be eligible for a refund for month 4, 5 and 6.)