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Have you ever had the feeling you wouldn’t be where you are today without that person who supported you or gave you valuable advice? If you feel comfortable in your career, now it’s the right time to give back!

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How our Mentoring program works

Our programs are designed to support women in their professional development. Whether their goals are to make a career switch, to start their dream businesses, or to get promotions and take on more senior roles, our mentees set clear milestones from the start and work hard to achieve them with your guidance.

  • Duration and frequency
    You'll be matched with a mentee for a 6 months long mentoring relationship. You should spend together 12 hours, ideally in bi-weekly hourly sessions.
  • Goal setting
    Your mentee will have defined SMART goals in mind and you'll be helping her/him achieve it.
  • Mentor training and support
    You'll receive access to a mentor training, and support from the program manager during your mentoring journey.
  • Mentor community
    You'll get access to the mentee and mentor community on Slack, and will have a chance to meet other mentors during online Q&A chats.
Mentoring categories

We look for mentors in the following categories with 5+ years of experience

  • Marketing
  • HR/Recruiting,
  • Design
  • IT/Tech
  • Business Development, Sales
  • Finance
  • Leadership/Management
  • General Career Guidance
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How will you help your mentee

You will help your mentees “see around corners” in their career so they knows what it takes to progress. Your will be their guide and sounding board for ideas, helping them reflect on their goals and decide on the best course of action.

You will help your mentees identify the expertise they need to succeed. You will also give advice on additional resources they can leverage, including books, articles, and events.

Working regularly with your mentees ensures that they will maintain focus on their career growth and consistently have conversations about how they can improve. Long-term career growth is often about improving a little bit every day, rather than in short bursts.

As a mentor, you can offer your mentees an opportunity to expand their existing network of professional contacts by introducing them to relevant connections.

Chief mentors

Meet our Chief mentors who are here to support all the mentors, share useful mentoring information and organize webinars for the mentors community. These people are experienced mentors and are here to support you!

What do you get as a Femme Palette mentor

  • Improvement in the mentoring skills
  • Networking opportunities
  • Q&A webinars with other mentors
  • Support throughout the mentoring journey
  • Free access to 3 of our in-person events
Mentor testimonials

What our mentors say

Our mentors were connected with their mentees for a 6 months mentoring journey. Read about their experience and learnings!
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Dita Stejskalova
Managing Director
As an experienced mentor, I was happy to see how the program was structured, enjoyed the drive of Femme Palette on their mission to help women and appreciated their readiness to support me as a mentor on the mentoring journey. My mentee Sophie was very responsible, always ready to engage and committed to her success. I learned from her a lot as a mentor too and am looking forward to working with more mentees via Femme Palette.
Mantas Ciuksys
Dir.  Content Marketing
What a wild ride. Blanka is so good in her field and her project is extremely intriguing. It's been a learning experience for me, and I've been also able to see how I help with my knowledge. Super rewarding.
Sarka Vernerova
Sr. HR Manager
Red Hat
We all know that finding the right mentor is not always easy but Femme Palette team did an amazing job and they made a real matching fit and thanks to their election I had fantastic opportunity to create an inspirational mentorship with my mentee.
Lucie Ptakova
HR Manager
Mentoring with Femme Palette exceeded my expectations in terms of pairing and organization. I enjoyed the time with my mentee and was fascinated about the topics we had in common. Our meetings confirmed (again) that there is a fine line between being a mentor/mentee.

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