Get connected to like-minded female professionals in Czech Republic


Build your professional network and become part of a community of driven, inspiring, and confident women.


Our mission


Our mission is to give professional women the opportunity to connect, inspire, and motivate each other.


Why Femme Palette


Build your professional network

Connect with similar, career-driven women with the same or complementary skill set to yours - learn from each other and grow together.


Connect with new friends

Find people who share the same interests as you- everything from hitting the gym, practicing yoga, hiking, traveling or exploring art shows.


Meet inspiring women

Grab a coffee or brunch with inspiring women and motivate each other by chatting about your career paths, interests, challenges, and dreams.


How does it work?


STEP 1: Apply to join our community

STEP 2: Get access to an online directory of female professionals living in the Czech Republic

STEP 3: Take it offline - meet and network in person 


Are you interested in..

- being surrounded by inspiring women and engaging in interesting conversations?

- meeting women with the same interests as you and developing new friendships?

- finding a co-founder to start a company with?

- finding a travel buddy, gym buddy or ‘whatever-else-you-like’ buddy?

- chatting over coffee with someone from a similar background as you?

- getting advice from a mentor about your professional or personal development?

- exploring new career paths?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you should definitely join us!


Meet and network in person


Attend our meet-ups and events

We're organizing monthly gatherings for our members to meet in person and chat about their careers, interests, goals and dreams. The events are members-only and you have to RSVP through our platform. Check out our past events and stay tuned for the upcoming ones.


Get matched 1:1 for a networking coffee date

Every 3 weeks we organize Femme Palette Networking week. During this week, you have a chance to sign up to be matched 1:1 for a networking coffee date with an inspiring professional woman. The networking date usually takes 30-45 minutes.  


What our members say


Andrea, Graphic Designer

"Thank you for creating this platform. I'm still clicking around and exploring but loving it so far, can't wait what events, connections and opportunities can come out of this!"


Tereza, HR at KPMG

"Just met with Bruna today. Thanks to you I have one brave and inspiringly magical friend!"


Irena, Procurement Analyst

"I am fairly new to Prague and having a platform where I can connect with other inspiring professional women is absolutely amazing! Thank you for making this possible!"

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