Mentors' experience

Our mentors are professionals with 5+ years of experience. They are located globally, and are able to help with various career topics. Read about their experience with the program below.

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Dagmara Seliga
HR Expert
Shell, MediaMarkt, Sodexo

I am very happy working with mentee on her goals, sharing my experience and knowledge, creating space for reflections and discussions. This is amazing journey also for me as I learn from my mentee as well.

Martina Kopecká
HR Manager

It is a huge honor for me to be a helpful mentor and share the experiences and skills that have led me to where I am right now. It is wonderful for me to see how mentees gain strength, confidence, and security in their next steps and how they move along a shared journey. The process is like a blossom blooming flower, and I'm so grateful to be part of it.

Danielle Piatkiewicz
Program Director
Alliance of Democracies Foundation

I have been delighted to be a mentor with Femme Palette. It has been a great journey working with my mentee on strategizing her next moves, keeping in mind her motivations and goals, and breaking down internal and external barriers. I have also learned and reflected a lot about  my own experiences over these last few months - it has truly been a mutual growth experience!

Petr Rozkosny
Area After-Sales Care & Service Manager
Smarty CZ

I am glad I can help my mentee on achieving her goals. There is nothing better quite like seeing how happy she is when she realises and defines her next steps after each of our sessions. Every experience shared from my side just hits the topic and brings new insights my mentee always takes to another level. Being a mentor is a blessing for me, helping discover paths to follow and be whoever others want to become.

Katia Tandon
Scrum Master
Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Everytime I meet with my mentee or coachee, I think that everyone who is participating in the Femme Palette program is literally creating a butterfly effect and together we are changing the business scene for the future generations of women. I wish I had a mentor back in the day. I hope my daughter will have hers and a lot of role models of successful women, doing the best in such different domains.I'm very happy that I have a chance to participate in this initiative.

Joy Baldridge
Baldridge Seminars International

Femme Palette is a very exciting organization that provides so many women throughout the world with incredible opportunities to mentor or be a mentee and to learn about hot topics for career and personal advancement. It is an organization that is tech savvy, yet personable, focused and organized. It’s a privilege to be a part of the fabulous Femme Palette experience in every way!

Elena Recmanova
Human Capital Manager
NEORIS Czech Republic

I am happy to be of help to my mentee by being able to share my experiences, what worked and did not work for me, and any advice I feel is useful so she has an opinion, which she can decide to use or not. The most useful thing for the mentee is that whatever she shares, the mentor does not judge or share it with others, so it is an honest and trusting relationship.

Samuel Pais
Customer Marketing Manager

For me, mentoring means developing together. I enjoy giving back my experience to others while also learning from other perspectives and insights. Knowing that there is someone with whom you can exchange ideas and opinions is a real asset that I wouldn't want to miss.

Jan van der Spoel
Concept thinker | Coach, writer & speaker
Grip on Trust

Committing to be someone's mentor is not a task to take lightly. I feel privileged that I am asked and allowed to help someone with personal questions of life. For me, there is no greater reward than to hear back that remarks or suggestions I made proved to be of value for my mentee. It’s truly heart-warming and humbling.

Renata Dvorakova
Country Leader
Oracle Czech

I am happy to be part of this program. It gives me a chance to meet new people, learn about their challenges and share my experience. The learning is mutual, it expands our networks and horizons.

Alaia Calleja
Statutory Outsourcing Lead

It is an honour to be a mentor for such a wonderful community. As a mentor, this experience is as equally enriching than as a mentee. Exchanging experiences with different women across the globe is a unique opportunity.

Kristyna Cervena
Talent Acquisition Manager

I would recommend mentoring program to anyone who wants to advance in their careers. It’s an amazing learning opportunity for both the mentee and mentor.I am grateful for the chance sharing my experience, tips, best practises and also fails with my mentee and helping her tackle challenging situations and tasks she was just dealing with at work.

Semion Bourakevich
Group Marketing Technology Manager
Fortuna Games a.s.

I'm happy I can use my experience and help others be better and trust in themself and people around them. Being a mentor also pushes me to review my own journey and improve. It's a win win.

Michael Provines
The Iceni Group, LLC

I have very much enjoyed the mentorship journey with someone so far away.  I have always mentored, but typically to people on my team, the mentoring of someone in a different country working on different issues has been very rewarding and I hope to help others in the future.

Dominika Banikova
Senior UX Designer

Sharing experience is one of the most important and vital things one can do in her/his career. And if there's an ear and mind willing to listen, it's a blessing for both. Being a mentor is a great opportunity to be better in more than just one aspect of my life.

Maria Loparcakova
Agile Project Manager
Container Solutions

My mentee is going through a similar journey as I do and I am glad that my own learning and failures could be useful for someone else and just sharing experience can help her to progress faster in her career. On the other hand, through the experience of my mentee, I can often see daily challenges from different perspectives and gain new ideas. Mentoring is a mutual process, which makes us both grow.

Petra Novotna
People Success Manager
ROI Hunter

Sharing experiences is an essential part of personal growth. Having the opportunity to mentor and see that my experience can support someone else in their growth, and inspiring each other is a wonderful journey. This and much more is possible with Femme Palette.

Lucie Doskova
Associate Manager, Software Engineering - Cloud
Red Hat

I’m glad that the Femme Palette Mentoring Program provides mentors a superb opportunity to give back to communities and support talents outside one’s immediate circles. To watch a mentee’s journey, share various ups and downs, discuss learnings, experiences, practical tips, generate new insights and even taste a reverse mentoring at times is second to none. It’s beautiful and deeply touching to serve and see your mentee polishing their core values, growing their self-awareness, self-confidence, resilience - becoming a thoughtful, compassionate and open-minded leader that you yourself would love to collaborate with.

Lucie Kovacova

If you want to travel quickly, go alone.
If you want to travel fast, go with someone.
At least according to the old African proverb.
It was a pleasure to be on this journey with Pavlína.
I cannot believe I met her only 6 months ago, it seems we know each other for ages. My primary objective was to help Pavlína achieve her goals, but I personally also gained a lot. I got new perspectives, learned a lot about start-up world and much more. Mentoring top performer and experienced professional might feel challenging at the beginning, but this was a great experience and I really treasure the connection we created during our joint mentoring journey.

Marian Mihalo
Technology Community Leader / Enterprise Architect
Komercni banka

The journey with my mentee has been incredibly interesting for me. Radek was always full of questions. I think he was able to move into the field of Authentic Leadership which is unique. For me, it was an incredible dose of positive energy that Radek brought to our sessions. After each meeting, I found myself comparing Radek in retrospect to the Radek who sat in front of me at the first session. So let me to finish with one small prediction:
Once Radek discovers all the things he is capable of, I think he will ask for an autograph himself :-)

Lucie Patkova
Public relations, marketing & fundraising

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a mentor and share what experience I gained during the years. It's a great feeling to help someone just by discussing options, sharing your own knowledge, and coming up with new ideas and solutions together. It gives the proof that the time you spent on finding how to do things hasn't been wasted and that someone else can now move forward faster thanks to your knowledge. Also, it has always been a two-way process since I learned a lot from my mentee, too.

Christophe Beaujard
Managing Director
peopleTObusiness s.r.o. / MindBox s.r.o.

Femme Palette mentoring program is at first an ambition: and that make a big difference! An ambition of each Femme Palette team member to make the mentoring journey as smooth and great as possible, for both the mentee and the mentor. I was really impressed with the follow-up made. Not intrusive at all, but just enough to make sure you know you are not alone,  there are people ready to help, who really care about us the mentors and about the mentees. So, thank you for that.

Renata Mrazova
Chief People Officer
Home Credit International

I am grateful to be part of mentoring program organized by Femme Pallette. I have met many great people, both between the mentees and mentors. I am very happy that my experience can help other people and via every mentoring I am learning a lot. Fantastic initiative and platform, keep going!

Adam Lebeda
Online & Marketing Director
Euromedia Group, a. s.

"When you teach, you learn." This quote expresses my feeling after each mentoring session most accurately. It's not only great to see you can actually pass your knowledge and share experience with someone who is keen to listen but also, it is thrilling to learn exciting facts and experience from mentee.  That's what I find valuable about the programme.

Klara Hasnikova
Project Manager

The mentor program was a great fit for me. I was able to strengthen my weakness of being an active listener. Whatmore, I really helped my mentee, received great feedback and created a new friendship. Overall I experienced a lot of valuable lessons and made special memories.

Mine Dedekoca
Chief Happiness Officer
Start-IST & Happy work Studio

My mentoring experience at Femme Palette was truly rewarding.  Our mentoring relationship was based on trust and mutual openness. I was thrilled each time my mentee had those AHA moments in our sessions. There is nothing more valuable than touching a soul and witnessing the change you made in their life.

Tereza De Bardi
Deloitte Advisory

Mentoring is a gift, both for the mentor and for the mentee. The value of mentoring is in listening to each others experience, taking to your life just what is useful. It includes being vulnerable, but trusting that you will not be hurt. The Femme Palette mentoring network is extensive and colorful, built on practical platform, that supports the whole process. I enjoy being a mentor with FP!

Milos Djurkovic
Managing Partner

Being mentor is a great experience. From one side it is something we do to develop new generation of leaders but from the other side we also learn from our mentees as mentorship is bidirectional process.

Karen Tharrington
Senior Learning Specialist

Connecting with my mentee at a personal level and sharing in her experiences was the highlight of being a mentor.  I enjoyed being able to help her work through identifying future education and career options. We took part in shared experiences,  which helped us relate to each other and opened the door to deeper discussions.

Dita Stejskalova
Managing Director

It is a rewarding experience to be part of the Femme Palette mentoring program. It is well organized and I appreciate a perfect match with my mentee. The journey we went together was a valuable experience and I always looked forward to our sessions.

Linda Hurdova
Nadání a dovednosti o.p.s.

I'm so glad I could be a mentor. It was a new experience for me and I am very grateful for it. I tried to pass on as much information and knowledge as possible to my mentee and I believe it was of great benefit to her as well. Jani, go, for it!

Tina Nekudova
Mentor / Sales Professional
Microsoft & Self-employed

This was for sure one of the best mentoring I have experienced in my career. My mentee was motivated, self-aware and eager to go through her challenges and manage to work on them. We went through some deep discussions, but yet it felt natural, smooth and positive.

Barbora Geršlová
Country Sustainability Manager

The whole experience was really rewarding. The best part was to see both personal and career development over the 6 months. We were a great fit and will definitely keep in touch even after the programme.

Anita Belá
HR Business Partner

You start this program with knowing this is serious, you will likely have an impact on somebody’s life, but you don’t actually realize it until the moment when you see your mentee returning after the first session with such a passion towards her goal that you as mentor become Inspired. From that moment you know it is worth it and it will not be an effort without a reward! You give and you get back even more! Thank you Femme Palette for this extraordinary opportunity.

Julie Klimentová
Software Engineer

I find the Femme Palette programme extremely useful as a support when creating important life changes. It empowers both the mentor and the mentee to achieve their goals and helps to foster positive response to the challenges the mentee is going through.

Renata Pavlištová
Head of Human Resources
Porsche Česká republika s.r.o.

The mentoring sessions were always great moments when I could listen, learn and experience. Even in COVID time it was always very pleasant to disrupt the daily routine and explore more about myself and share the best. I have learnt a lot, opened a new relationship which we will keep on and found a new passion.

Katerina Gabova
VP of People

I'm really glad that I can help my mentee on her journey by sharing my experience, failures and learnings. Before we started the journey, I always had those doubts whether I will have anything helpful to share, and I always find out that there is so much happening during our work lives every day, that every experience, however insignificant it can look at that point, can become a learning for someone else in the future.

Michaela Malatin
Project Manager
Red Hat

Being a mentor is a great life/working experience. If there is at least one goal or a step towards achieving the goal, it is a great success. My mentee proved a great drive for success, and I am happy to be part of it. The end of the mentoring program is when all mentees realize how great they are, and there is no better reward for both parties.

Eva Shaw
August Leadership

Every mentoring experience is unique and as a mentor I grow myself with each mentee I have the honour to spend time with. It is time well spent and so very rewarding. Thank you.

Lenka Hola Toul

It is a great program to connect the experience from both site mentor and mentee. Sharing knowledge, motivate your younger colleagues, and help them grow personally is a dream job for any leader. Who knows maybe you will mentor another Steve Jobs :)

Adriana Rybarova
Senior Product Designer

Femme Palette is a great way to give back to the community and meet new friends. I'm happy to be a part of this group!

Evin Shamma
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Cielo Talent

You can say I am that kind of person to whom friends and family often come for advice or opinion. I just love helping others. It comes naturally to me. When I was approached by Femme Palette to be part of this mentoring community, I was thrilled to become a mentor and to have an opportunity to guide someone and share my experience with. Itʼs also helping me growing my leadership and time management skills but most importantly I just wanted to help and inspire. I feel grateful that my wonderful mentee chose me! We are working together to achieve her career goal as a full time Front End Developer while also working on her freelancing projects and a part-time job as well. Itʼs been a great journey so far and I am happy to see her already changing and growing into this confident and strong person. We are having such a fun time too!

Martina Jašková
Interim Human Resources Manager

I would share an amazing experience with the mentoring program. First of all, I would like to thanks Klara for a great mentor & mentee match. We had such a great vibe with my mentee and shared a lot of experiences. It was amazing to be part of growing Kristy. She has such amazing energy and is hardworking, and she worked on her goals as much as she can except for her full-time job. She improved her own skills, and it was fantastic. When we evaluate our journey, I would say it was a huge 6 months, and Kris grows like a beautiful flower. I can suggest a mentoring program to everyone in a life or career crossroad who wants to be supported or pushed to work in him/herself.

Šárka Vernerová
Senior HR Manager

We all know that finding the right mentor is not always easy but Femme Palette team did an amazing job and they made a real matching fit and thanks to their election I had fantastic opportunity to create an inspirational mentorship with my mentee. Being a mentor is actually great training in itself! My mentee learned me how to be an inspirational mentor, initially I gave of myself without expecting something in return but in the upshot I’ve gained a lot from this mentorship. Mentorship matters!

Mantas Ciuksys
Director of Content Marketing

What a wild ride. Blanka is so good in her field and her project is extremely intriguing. It's been a learning experience for me, and I've been also able to see how I help with my knowledge. Super rewarding.

Cristina Muntean
Executive Mentor and Coach
Media Education CEE

The Femme Palette mentoring community is one of the most professional organizations I have ever come across in the Czech Republic and in Europe. Driven by two wonderful women with their hearts in the right place, the community grew to bring together people with an honest desire to grow together. When you join Femme Palette as a mentor, mentee or in any other role, you can have the certainty that you will receive a lot of inspiration and that you will be uplifted by numerous thinking and personal transformation partners. Femme Palette is a community prone to grow, as it meets a vital need on the market: to hold each other in times of challenge, confusion and looking for the next step. I couldn't be more honored and proud to be a part of it and to support it, its founders and members to the best of my abilities.

Jana Prochazkova
HR Manager CZ&SK
Calzedonia Group

Before I started the mentoring journey with Femme Palette I was excited and I anticipated a rewarding experience. I have to say that it has been even more intense. Thanks to a great match with my Mentee I've had the opportunity not only to share my experience and support this great professional but also to get so much back! I can honestly say that the process taught me a lot about myself, gave me a space to reflect and above all made it possible for me to also get inspired by the amazing approach of my Mentee.

Kristina Skrabalova
Professional Coach

This program is an extraordinary experience for all the women who have their ambitions, have their dreams yet they miss the right people around them whou would help them grow and reach their goals. Thanks to this program all such women can get in touch with professionals whom they would otherwise never met and the opportunity to learn from such people is worthless. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any woman who want to get further and higher in her life. Femme Palette will definitely find the right match for her and will introduce her to someone she can learn from.

Barbora Geršlová
Country Sustainability Manager

I feel we're a really good match. It is great to discuss the same professional experience. The sessions give me a lot of energy. It makes me really happy whenever Verča mentions our sessions help her and motivate her. Great experience!

Dita Stejskalova
Managing Director PR & Influence, CMO
Ogilvy Czech, VMLY&R Prague

As an experienced mentor, I was happy to see how the program was structured, enjoyed the drive of Femme Palette on their mission to help women and appreciated their readiness to support me as a mentor on the mentoring journey. My mentee Sophie was very responsible, always ready to engage and committed to her success. I learned from her a lot as a mentor too and am looking forward to working with more mentees via Femme Palette.

Lucie Ptáková
Manager, Reward & HR Operations

Mentoring with Femme Palette exceeded my expectations in terms of pairing and organization. I enjoyed the time with my mentee and was fascinated about the topics we had in common. Our meetings confirmed (again) that there is a fine line between being a mentor/mentee.

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