Nidhi Chhajer

Finance Lead, EMEA Cloud Finance
United Kingdom
Mentoring focus:
Finance & Operations, General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, Management & Leadership
To err is human, we all make mistakes but if we can learn from it and even better share our learnings and help others avoid making the same mistakes, then making that mistake becomes worthwhile. Over the last 10+ years, I have moved countries, jobs, industries, profiles/functions, led diverse teams, and made mistakes (but also learnt from them). In short, I basically embraced change as my best friend and have pushed my boundaries to never settle for being comfortable. During this period I was also very fortunate to have a solid network of mentors from whose experiences and learnings I have tapped tremendous wisdom, sought guidance and constant encouragement be it in personal life or career. This platform provides an opportunity for me to reciprocate and give back, share my learnings and experiences and help other aspiring young professionals see beyond their potential. I see this also an opportunity to learn from them and develop into a better version of myself.
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