Jakub Ruzicka

Vice President of Engineering
Mentoring focus:
Consulting & Strategy, Entrepreneurship, General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, HR/Recruiting/DEI, IT/Tech/Product, Management & Leadership
Jakub is 👨‍💻 an engineering leader and software engineer specialized in 📊 data mining and 🕵️ information security and 🎓 a university lecturer. He 🤍 enjoys Python, JavaScript, machine learning, text mining, blockchain, ethical hacking, product design, development and prototyping tech innovations. Jakub worked as a chief technology officer, freelance developer, security analyst, ethical hacker, data analyst, tutor and consultant. He is experienced in implementation of data-related products / projects and higher education, and attempts to maintain a healthy balance between both managerial / leadership and hands-on development skills. 🚀

Jakub is passionate about everything related to education 🤓, loves 🏃 running and any sports in general, 🌳 nature and hiking, and helps startups and scale-ups in his free time to stay on top, encourage out of box thinking and keep in touch with the latest technologies. 💡 (btw: It also seems he recently started overusing emojis. 🤔)
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