Marian Mihalo

Technology Community Leader / Enterprise Architect
Komerční Banka
Czech Republic
Mentoring focus:
Consulting & Strategy, General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, IT/Tech/Product, Management & Leadership, Project Management
Longtime IT & Technology experience - analysis, development, customer support, engineering, infrastructure, operation - currently on position Technology Community Leader & Chapter Lead in Enterprise Architecture.

My career path started in programmer role (in university and in my first employer). Then I continually enlarged my competencies in the analysis and customer support roles and moved to the design and management of various IT teams with specific missions, budgets and diversity.

Few things I know I'm good at:
- Leading people, identification and enlarging of their hidden potential
- Engaging people to bring out their best - I like helping people succeed, overcome, discover new opportunities
- Connecting people, coaching and mentoring
- Using intuition in every day decision making

Few things, how people describes me:
- Empathy and life enthusiasm is Marian’s dominant characteristic
- Open minded person, with ability to bring creative solution - out of the box thinking
- Excellent speaker with strong ability to share technological/IT topics on easy level understandable to non IT people
- Interesting storyteller, trainer and facilitator

My values: Creativity, Passion, Teamwork, Solidarity, Honesty

Part of my life, aside of my work, is playing in improvisation theatre and learning to play the piano :-)
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