Michaela Fias

Founder, Brand Builder, Strategist
Luxury Presence
I help to position companies for success. I team up with visionary companies to craft memorable narratives, create differentiated positioning and build scalable brands that help companies turn audiences into communities. As a design partner and consultant, I’ve worked both, with unicorns backed by Sequoia, Lightspeed, or A16z to pre-seed Y Combinator startups. I've been fortunate to craft identities for incredible companies like Lightyear Financial (European Robinhood), Audience plus, Luxury Presence, Microsoft, Tim Hortons, Worldcoin, Singular and many others. My time-tested process helps businesses get on the edge and be relevant in today's ever-changing world. My focus: Positioning, Fundraising, Branding, Art & Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Design Strategy, Naming, Event Design, Writing, Creative Leadership, Design operations, Public speaking and Communication A former professional athlete, big-picture thinker, entrepreneur, writer and the founder of The Pattern: A digital blog blending a mix of culture think pieces, insights, and interviews for creative changemakers. Aimed to raise questions, ignite positive change and share ideas.

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