Michaela Fiasova

Entrepreneur, Designer, Strategist
Unicorn Attacks and Self-Employed

I help visionary companies design bold brands, connect with their audiences and give depth to their image and identityPassionate about all things future, I'm always seeking new ways of how to enhance human experiences through a combination of innovative strategies, design and technology. I aim to help businesses be on the edge and relevant in today's ever-changing world. I thrive when I can work on diverse, complex and challenging projects where I can combine my conceptual and strategic thinking. Also, I value close hands-on collaboration, transparency and communication. As a design-minded partner and consultant, I’ve worked with brands of all sizes to develop successful strategies which help launch new products, services and experiences in the world. I've been fortunate to make ideas reality with clients like Microsoft, Porsche, Lenovo or Veracity Protocol. Core: Branding, Art & Creative Direction, User experience, Brand Strategy, Design Strategy, Naming, Event Design, Immersive experiences, XR, Writing, Creative Leadership, Brand and Content guidelines, CommunicationI'm also a former professional athlete, big-picture thinker, entrepreneur, writer and the founder of The Pattern: A digital blog blending a mix of culture think pieces, insights, and interviews for creative changemakers. Aimed to raise questions, ignite positive change and share ideas.

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