Miroslav Umlauf

Founder and Board member
Ellio, Colognia
Czech Republic
Mentoring focus:
Consulting & Strategy, General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, IT/Tech/Product, Management & Leadership
I’m seasoned Data and Technology leader with 15+ years of global experience. Throughout my career, I have developed a strong expertise in data analytics, information architecture, data governance, privacy and security, working with companies across industries such as security, telecommunications, healthcare, blockchain, retail and manufacturing. In addition to my professional experience, I’m also passionate about sharing knowledge and have lectured on data skills to help people better understand and protect data.
My current project is about creating a data-centric study program in collaboration with top universities, ensuring that the next generation of data professionals are well-equipped to succeed in the ever-evolving data landscape.
Above all, my goal is to empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions by using and safeguarding any data effectively.
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