About Femme Palette

Femme Palette helps women advance in their careers by connecting them with like-minded women and offering mentorship and resources for professional development.  

We offer 1:1 mentorship for women to grow in their careers, become better leaders, or launch their dream business. We believe humans learn best through personalization by people - that is when they are guided by other people who were once in the same situation.Like an artist who uses a palette to mix different colors to create a painting, we provide a platform where women from diverse backgrounds can connect and create something beautiful together as well.
Lucie Neumanova and Klara Holikova, Founders of Femme Palette
Photo by Michaela Lunackova, yummypaleo.cz

Why we started Femme Palette

We started Femme Palette in 2018 to help women living in the Czech Republic grow their professional and personal network -- to become more entrepreneurial and empowered. We’ve heard stories of female professionals struggling to find similar women who want to talk about career advice, business ideas, challenges at work, or have motivating conversations. That’s why we decided to create a community of professional women and provide women a safe space to meet, build their network and learn from each other.

We’re proud to be the first diverse community for women in the Czech Republic. In just two years, 1,500+ women from 15+ countries and 20+ industries have joined our community. We’ve hosted 1,000+ attendees at our networking events and organized 25+ practical workshops on topics in Marketing, IT, Design, HR, and Entrepreneurship.

We’re helping women to advance in their careers by offering women 1-1 mentorship from experienced professionals and organizing programs focused on professional development. To date, we have matched over 350 women with their personal mentors.

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Lucie & Klara
Team retreat in Krkonose, 2020
Femme Palette events team, 2019
Femme Palette event, 2019
Femme Palette event, 2019
Lucie & Klara, 2019

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