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At Femme Palette, we help people, teams, and companies thrive through mentorship, a personalized approach to career development. The core of our mentoring program is a 1:1 personal and inclusive approach, since everyone is different and has different needs. We believe that the best way for someone to learn and grow in their roles is through exposure to experience and guidance from people who were once in the same situation.
Lucie Neumanova and Klara Holikova, Founders of Femme Palette
Photo by Michaela Lunackova,

Our story

Since 2018, our main focus has been helping women grow in their careers. We created a community that currently counts 2,000 members from different parts of the world. In the past 3 years, we’ve organized for the community over 50 networking and educational events and helped members meet like-minded people. Over time, we started focusing more on a personal approach to career development, and that’s how the idea of a mentoring program was born. Currently, there are 800+ global mentors who are working with us and help (not only) women grow in their careers. We’re on a mission to help develop  talents and give everyone the practical skills they need to thrive in their roles. We are also working with companies that want to support professional development of their employees through mentorship. Thanks to this activity, we’re able to continue focusing on career development of women and helping the ones who are not supported by their companies.

Our company was started by Lucie Neumanova and Klara Holikova, who believe in a diverse and inclusive world. Lucie brings the knowledge from working in an ed tech startup in Silicon Valley, and Klara expertise from working for startups and corporations in Europe. 

And why Femme Palette? Like an artist who uses a palette to mix different colors to create a painting, we provide a platform where people from diverse backgrounds can connect and create something beautiful together as well.

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Femme Palette Live 2021
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Femme Palette event, 2019
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