Iva Buschmann

Executive Coach

Iva is an ICF-certified coach with credentials that include specialized training in "Leading and Coaching Across Cultures." Furthermore, she holds the distinction of being a certified executive coach by the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Institute for both individuals and teams. Her focus revolves around empowering female executives and startup founders to not only comprehend the depths of their leadership prowess but also to unearth novel perspectives, embrace uncharted possibilities, define their ambitions, and, most importantly, unleash their boundless potential. Iva's specialities in coaching are work-life balance in general, combining professional commitments with motherhood responsibilities, work and team challenges and crafting the desired work and personal journey.

Coach reviews

"I am really deeply grateful for Iva Buschmann's kindness and all rounded personality. Her ability to ask the right questions, listen objectively, understand and provide clarity was very impressive. I would recommend Iva in a heartbeat, both as a mentor and coach, for anyone wishing to move forward in their career and also have the courage to start a business. "The ability to ask the right questions is more than half the battle of finding the answer". Thank you Iva for enlightening my journey and Femme Palette for making it possible!" - Cristina,Participant of Coaching & Mentoring program

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