Katia Tandon

Business & Agile Coach, member of ICF

I’m a business professional with over 20 years of experience in FMCG and tech.I became a coach 13 years after receiving my masters degree in psychology. I re-discovered coaching after COVID-19 entered our lives early 2020. Since then I’ve graduated from a professional program ACTP ICF for coaches, had more than 150 coaching hours (as of May 2022) with clients and cork as a volunteer coach in several projects for Ukrainians.Currently I’m combining private coaching practice with my day job as a scrum master in a tech company and being a mentor in a Femme Palette mentoring program.I’m happy to join Femme Palette coaching department as a professional coach.In coaching clients are empowered to find their own best solution, 100% applicable to their situation. Coach is helping to plan short and long term, helping to find a creative solution and start acting, plan the energy and resources. At times we know what and how to do something, but still we hesitate to take the last step. This last step is actually the first step towards approaching your goals!

Coach reviews

"I supervise and work very closely with coaches for my job, and I could immediately see that Katia is one of the best. She is a true coach, listening to and validating her mentees while helping them find their own path forward. As someone who understands the training and discipline it takes to hone this approach, I can't recommend Katia highly enough." - Ashley, Participant of Coaching & Mentoring program

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