Misa Kozinova

Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor

For over 10 years I coach high-potentials and high-achievers to overcome whatever stands in their way so they can manifest their ambitions with ease. I love helping people overcome their mental health challenges including depression and anxiety. I have 20 years of leadership background in IT and I teach Strategy, Leadership and Time Management at FI MUNI.

Coach reviews

"Misa, as a coach, and I met via the FP Coaching & Mentoring program. Our goal was to discover which mentor is the best fit for me and what are my current life challenges. It felt very natural to talk to her openly. I especially appreciated that she had observed my organisation style and changed some of her coaching techniques to match my needs. She made me feel comfortable, focused and inspired me to work even more. I liked that her professional experience was an amazing fit for my current path as well. Her superpower is the way how she listens to you. Overall, Misha is an open-minded, pro-skilled coach who will discover your needs and motivates you to change." Zuzana, Participant of Coaching & Mentoring program

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