Romana Tichá

Business Coach

EMBRACE CHANGE, THRIVE IN TRANSITION, MAXIMIZE YOUR IMPACT.I make it easier for women to cope with professional changes and challenges arising from your own motivation or coming from the company you work for. Typical collaborative assignments involve preparing and implementing career moves and creating opportunities, improving relationships with colleagues, team and supervisors. Recently, more and more clients are coming with assignments on how to (re)find meaning and joy in their work and how to effectively intertwine work with their personal life.My 20 years of experience in the corporate and business world in roles closely related to development, transformation and projects give me an understanding of the corporate context and situations you may be going through when transitioning to a new role, organizational change and/or managing teams or strategic projects.During the coaching process, I will be a supportive challenging partner for you so that you can consciously and systematically move towards the results you want from the collaboration. As a result, you will enter the mentoring process with a clear assignment and a greater understanding of what you can build on and what is potentially sabotaging you.Depending on your preferred learning and thinking style, I can augment the coaching conversation with insights from working with stress and burnout, using a set of "Points of You" photos to help you come up with deeply buried ideas in a playful way. Working with emotions is facilitated by understanding saboteurs according to the Positive Intelligence methodology. For deeper self-knowledge I use various personality diagnostics. I use English at a professional level, but I prefer to coach in Czech.My motto: Asking for support is not a sign of weakness, but of personal strength and maturity. "Shatter the glass ceiling, rewrite the rules and stay human. Together, we'll break barriers and achieve greatness.“

Coach reviews

"Romana is the best coach I could ask for. She helped me to remove certain blocks in my head and guide me to solutions to several issues I was facing. Thanks to her, I was able to create 2 smart goals that I am proud of and that I can continue to work on with my mentor. Romana is a true professional and I highly recommend her." - Roberta, Participant of Coaching & Mentoring program

"Díky koučování jsem poznala skvělého člověka, Markétku Adamíkovou. Ke koučování přistupovala velice citlivě, dávala zpětnou vazbu, motivovala, tvořila příjemné prostředí pro sdílen. Děkuji za tuto příležitost." - Eliska, Participant of Coaching & Mentoring program

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