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How to be a good mentor

This e-book is packed with tips to help you be a good mentor. Make the most of your mentoring experience thanks to actionable advice, checklists, and more!
You'll find out:

  • What mentoring is
  • What is the role of a mentor
  • What core competencies a good mentor needs
  • How to set goals
  • How to structure your meetings

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Become a mentor!

Have you ever had the feeling you wouldn’t be where you are today without that person who supported you or gave you valuable advice? If you feel comfortable in your career, now it’s the right time to give back!
What you get as a Femme Palette mentor:
  • Training, resources and online workshops
  • Option to get paid for mentoring if you keep mentoring with us long-term
  • Option to gain visibility in the community and build your personal brand
  • Exclusive 1:1 networking opportunities
  • Support throughout your mentoring journey
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