Ana Sasmiresan

Founder and Transformation Coach
Transformation Through Conversations
United States
Mentoring focus:
General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, HR/Recruiting/DEI, Management & Leadership, Sales/Business Development/CX
Ana Sasmiresan is the Founder and Transformation Coach with Transformation Through Conversations and the Area Vice President with Randstad in Florida, USA. She is a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the Maxwell Leadership organization and a Behavioral Analysis Consultant using the Maxwell DISC tool. She is a Certified Facilitator with Remarkable!
Ana is the Creator of the Personal Growth Box.
Ana is the Vice Chair of Services with the South Florida Manufacturers Association and a Director of the Board with The Fruitful Field organization.
Ana naturally gravitates towards people of all ages who need encouragement and who have untapped potential. Her mission is to help people sync their dreams to actions via training, coaching, mentorship and volunteering.
Ana's leadership journey of over 17 years compounded experiences and lessons that can add value to other leaders or aspiring entrepreneurs. She believes in and practices a people-centric leadership approach grounded in deep values and focused on employee happiness and fulfilment.
Ana has a passion for charity work and she contributes to organizations who help women, children, animals and the manufacturing industry. She is an avid cook and an all around happy and positive person.
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