Lusine Yeremyan

Agile Coaching Consulting
McKinsey & Company
Czech Republic
Mentoring focus:
Consulting & Strategy, General Career Guidance & Soft Skills, IT/Tech/Product, Management & Leadership, Project Management
I'm a results-oriented adaptive coach, connector and trusted partner who helps leadership teams with achieving key strategic business and customer objectives through collaboration, alignment and high performance while avoiding major pitfalls.

I specialize in coaching and enabling teams and organizations to optimize their performance. It’s both my craft and my passion. I love doing this work because it gives me an outlet to utilize my strengths – discovering, simplifying, strategizing, problem solving, serving, enabling, orchestrating and learning. Working with people, transparency, helping others, making things happen, continuous improvement and taking the initiative is what drives me.

Other passions: #helping-women-succeed; # diversity-and-inclusion; #inspire-others #lead-change; #women-in-leadership; #collaborating-and-learning-from allies, #resilience #learning; #coaching #mentoring; #social-impact; #making-this-world-better .
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